Etihad Airways and Arcube Announce EY-ZERO1 NFT Collection

“Our NFT collection of 3D aircraft models will provide owners with exclusive benefits and    
support the procurement of sustainable fuel.”    

Etihad Airways, the national airline of the United Arab Emirates, has partnered with Arcube, a Manchester based start-up specialized in the creation of brand NFT collections, to announce the upcoming release of the airline’s first non-fungible token (NFT) collection ‘EY-ZERO1’. 

The artworks included in the EY-ZERO1 collection are designed around Etihad’s 787  Dreamliner fleet, reinventing the once physical aircraft models. A total of 2003 limited-edition collectibles, will go on sale at 6pm. UAE time on 21 July through etihad.arcube.io. The traits and rarity of the meticulously designed NFTs will only be revealed on the 24 June. 

Etihad announces first NFT collection EY-ZERO1

NFT collection of 3D aircraft models will provide owners with benefits and support procurement of sustainable fuel.

By tailoring the collection to both aviation and web3 enthusiasts, instant utility can be granted to buyers of the collection, in the form of Etihad Guest Silver Tier membership.  Long-term benefits are also given to those who continue to support Etihad’s web3 roadmap such as  unlocking access to special Etihad events and a chance to be part of Etihad NFT club for exclusive holder benefits. 

By minting on the energy-efficient Polygon blockchain, NFTs have lower carbon footprint and all CO2 emissions of the project will be offset with Arcube’s partner, Aerial. 20 EY-ZERO1 NFTs will be distributed to members who register on Etihad.com/zero1 before 16 July, giving everyone the chance to obtain a key to the future roadmap. 

Each NFT is priced at US$ 349 plus local taxes, with all profits from the collection being used to purchase sustainable aviation fuel by Etihad Airways.    

Limited-edition Etihad and Manchester City merchandise will be distributed through Etihad Airways’ Discord channel, which can be joined using the link: discord.gg/etihad.    

For further detailed announcements on the NFT release, follow Etihad’s dedicated Twitter account (@etihadNFT).

Arcube founders have been supported by MEC's Kickstarter fund.