Expert Media Group - weather and atmospheric science

With the unpredictable and unseasonable weather once again dominating the news agenda, The University of Manchester Atmospheric Science Group are available for expert comment on a range of weather-related stories.

Professor Hugh Coe – Head of School & Professor of Atmospheric Composition. Expertise includes pollution, particles in the atmosphere and clouds.

Professor Geraint Vaughan – Professor of Meteorology. Areas of expertise include storms and severe weather.

Professor Tom  Choularton – Head of the Centre of Atmospheric Science. Happy to talk about cloud processes, thunderstorms and climate change.

Professor Gordon McFiggans – Professor of Atmospheric Multiphase Processes. Can talk on air quality, pollution and natural composition of the atmosphere.  He has previously appeared on the BBC Coast series.

Professor David Schultz – Professor of Dynamical Meteorology. Expertise includes severe weather and storms and weather patterns.

Professor Carl Percival – Professor of Atmospheric Chemistry. Specialises in chemical properties in the atmosphere. 

Professor Ann Webb – Professor of Atmospheric Radiation. Interests are UV, stratospheric ozone and vitamin D.

Dr Paul Connolly – Senior Lecturer in the School of Earth, Atmospheric and Environmental Science. Has a particular interest in ice in the atmosphere, as well as cloud processes and thunderstorms.

Dr Grant Allen – NERC Research Fellow.  Expertise includes volcanic ash – including a number of media appearances during the Eyafyallajokull eruption discussing volcanic ash – weather, air quality and remote sensing of the atmosphere.

All members of the group have media experience, some extensive, and would be available for print, radio, TV and online interviews.

More details can be found at http://www.cas.manchester.ac.uk/

Notes for editors

In order to arrange an interview with one of the group, please contact Daniel Cochlin in the Press Office.

Daniel Cochlin

Media Relations Officer
The University of Manchester
0161 275 8387