Extension of EPSRC Fellowship 'NEMESIS'

Professor Will Parnell has received an extension to his current EPSRC Fellowship `NEMESIS’ (New Mathematics for Materials Modelling in the Engineering Sciences and Industrial Sectors). The extension provides funding of £897K to the School of Mathematics and sees a shift from modelling existing materials to using mathematical techniques to design and fabricate new materials.

Advanced materials sit at the heart of modern technology and are at the forefront of many improvements in quality of life. Key to enhancing material properties is a deep understanding of the link from microstructure to macroscale properties. This requires a diverse range of science including theoretical modelling, computational simulation and experimentation. This Fellowship Extension project sits at the triple point of these approaches and principally, uses the experience of the team, in particular in advanced mathematical modelling in order to design new materials for a range of applications. Three themes will be considered, "Reinforced syntactic foams", "Acoustic metamaterials" and "Thermal metamaterials" and a programme of Public Engagement will illustrate the research to a wide audience. 

More infomration is available here.

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