Find books in Main Library more easily with ‘Locate This Book’

View an interactive map showing your book’s exact location in Main Library.


Use the ‘Locate This Book’ feature in Library Search to see the exact floor and shelf location of any book in Main Library.

Note that this feature currently only works for books (not journals) located in Main Library.

How to use ‘Locate This Book’ in three easy steps

Step 1

When searching for a book that is available in Main Library using Library Search, click on the search result to see more options. (Remember to sign in to Library Search to see all options).

Step 2

Click the ‘Locate This Book’ option within the book’s search result (see screenshots below).

This will open an interactive map of the Main Library clearly displaying the book’s shelf location highlighted in red. The map will show you the specific floor and shelf area where the book is located, as well as other facilities such as toilets, stairs and PCs to help you orientate yourself when looking for the book

Step 3

If you’re using ‘Locate This Book’ on desktop, click the QR code icon on the bottom right of your screen to generate a QR code. Scan the QR code with your mobile device to open the map, so you can use it when moving around the building.