Finding a book made easier with new ‘Locate this book’ feature

The Library has recently added a new feature to its online Library Search function.

The ‘Locate this book’ feature makes it easier for users to find their books in the Main Library.

Interactive map

Locate this book - WAGNERWhen a user clicks on a Library Search result, if that book is housed in Main Library, the location information now includes an option to ‘Locate this book’. Following the link opens an interactive map of Main Library, with the book’s shelf location highlighted in red.

The map appears as a floor plan and includes the key features of each floor, helping users to easily orientate themselves when looking for their book.

Helping customers in Main Library

The new Library Search feature has been developed in response to our customer feedback. In the most recent Library student survey, students suggested that having accessible floor plans of the Main Library would be helpful when locating books.

Currently, the ‘Locate a book’ feature is limited to books (not including journals) in the Main Library. However, there is the potential to expand the service and the Library’s customer service team will be monitoring feedback to assess the demand for this.