Get up-to-date with e-journal publications in one place

BrowZine is a free service that collects hundreds of e-journals in one simple interface.

BrowZine is an app (and website) students and staff at The University of Manchester can access courtesy of the Library which enables you to browse, read and stay up-to-date with content published in e-journals in one simple interface. Journals on a variety of subject areas and subcategories are available through BrowZine (e.g. Arts and Humanities, History, Law, Mathematics and Biomedical and Health Sciences).

Journals from different publishers and suppliers are all presented with a uniform look and feel within the interface and, using BrowZine’s predictive search, you can search on subject, title or ISSN. You can also view all available journals in a specific subject area or even a specific discipline within that subject area. Between July 2017 and June 2018 students and staff at The University of Manchester downloaded 3,072 full-text articles from 923 unique e-journals using BrowZine.

The interface contains a customisable virtual newsstand display called 'My Bookshelf' which can be used to easily browse content and then personalise it by selecting your favourite journals.

By setting up a free account you can take advantage of additional features, such as saving your favourite journals to your personal bookshelf and saving articles for reading later.

Journals can easily be added to the My Bookshelf area directly from their table of contents page, and shelves can be customised so you can easily place particular journals in terms of subject matter, speciality, or just alphabetically. My Bookshelf consists of four coloured rooms, or "bookcases," that hold sixteen titles each (four on each "shelf"), for a total of sixty-four individual journals. You can change titles of bookcases and shelves to aid in organisation.

Once a title is added to your My Bookshelf area, BrowZine will notify you when new articles are published in a journal by pushing a badge alert notification to your device to indicate the number of unread articles in that specific journals. You can also save articles for offline reading, share articles through Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or email and export citations to Zotero, Mendeley, BibTex, or EndNote.


BrowZine is available for:

  • iPads, iPhones and iPod Touches with iOS v8.x+
  • Android tablets and smartphones with OS v4.1+
  • Kindle Fire HD tablets

Start using the desktop version or download the free app from the Apple and Amazon App Stores and from Google Play. After downloading the app, find The University of Manchester in the list and enter your University of Manchester username and password when prompted.