HCRI launches its Policy Brief Series

The HCRI Policy Brief Series provides short, policy-relevant briefings and recommendations on issues and concerns under the themes of humanitarianism, peace and conflict, disaster management, and global health.

The aim of the HCRI Policy Brief Series is to disseminate cutting edge academic research in an accessible and meaningful way, engaging with policymakers, governments, humanitarian practitioners and the general public. We acknowledge that a gap still exists between academia and policy. Many research findings remain inaccessible to policymakers and NGOs. With the launch of the HCRI Policy Brief Series in July 2020, we aim to contribute to bridging this gap.

The HCRI Policy Brief Series covers topics such as global health emergencies, peace interventions, refugees and humanitarian crises, for example, and shares research evidence and insight on these complex issues. Typically, policy briefs advocate a certain position on a topic and provide recommendations based on evidence, and potentially bring neglected issues to the forefront of the policy agenda.

With this series, HCRI aims to provide a space for academics to write about the policy relevance of their research findings. The series is open for contributions from academics and practitioners across the world working on the topics above. Interested contributors should consult the guidelines for authors and contact us via hcri@manchester.ac.uk.

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View the first policy brief in the series, Re-balancing the ‘value for money’ calculations in humanitarian cash assistance by including beneficiaries’ perspectives. By Dr Birte Vogel.

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