ICP doctoral placement with The Whitworth on shared policy objectives in the park and the museum

Ana Sanchez Santana.Ana Sanchez Santana begins a 3-month placement coordinated by the ICP with The Whitworth and the Manchester Museum Partnership.

Ana has worked as a researcher, policy consultant, and lobbyist. Her primary research interest is stakeholder engagement and their impact on policy outcomes. She has an MA in Economics and Public Policy from Tec de Monterrey in Mexico, and is now a Doctoral Researcher in Politics at the University of Manchester.

Ana is also interested in community engagement with public goods, and the challenges of evaluating policies with a social rationale.

Through her participation in the placement with the Whitworth Gallery and the Institute for Cultural Practices, she expects to explore the alternatives available to promote the value of cultural practices and the positive externalities they create in social and health arenas.

By bringing her own expertise in policy analysis and stakeholder engagement, she is looking forward to contributing to the synergy already established by the project Understanding Everyday Participation.

For Ana, art has been an outside-of-work passion. She was the producer and host of a radio show on arts and culture, and studied art history and contemporary art.

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