ICP welcomes Chiara Bartolini

Chiara Bartolini.We are pleased to welcome Chiara Bartolini, a visiting PhD student at the Institute for Cultural Practices.

Chiara holds an MA in Specialized Translation from the University of Bologna. She is currently undertaking a PhD at the Department of Interpreting and Translation in the same university, where she is conducting research on web communication in English for university museums. Her research interests lie in the interplay of online communication, digital cultural heritage and English for a global audience.

She is especially looking at audience-oriented communicative strategies employed by university museums in Europe in order to address a diversified, international public. As a linguist and a translator, she loves reading texts and trying to understand how they have been written; with what audience in mind, for what purposes and according to what stylistic criteria.

Chiara will be in Manchester from January to May 2018. During her research visit, she will be doing research on the ways the Manchester Museum and The Whitworth communicate with audiences online.

If you want to meet her or have any suggestion for her, please feel free to contact her at chiara.bartolini@postgrad.manchester.ac.uk. She is more than happy to meet other students and researchers.

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