Launch of the Arthur Lewis Lab for Comparative Development

The Arthur Lewis Lab for Comparative Development is a new interdisciplinary research group in economic history and comparative development at the University of Manchester.

The lab will promote cutting-edge research on economic growth and development, political economy, and cultural economics from a long-run historical perspective. Our aim is to become a leading centre for the study of big questions in these fields, building on the legacy of our association with the late Nobel laureate Arthur Lewis.

The group is led by Nuno Palma and Ákos Valentinyi (co-directors) as well as Guillaume Blanc (deputy director), and includes members from across the university, in particular from the Department of Economics, where the lab is based, the Department of History, and the Alliance Business School, as well as external affiliates.

Through the production of policy-relevant research on development relating to sustainable development goals, the lab will contribute towards the university’s social responsibility agenda. It will also contribute to the university’s research and discovery core goals, in implementing and communicating key aspects of the university’s research strategy in a unique way not currently offered.

Moreover, we will open a 3-year postdoctoral position, the Arthur Lewis Postdoctoral Fellowship. The inaugural position will be funded by the Manchester School. Pending the evolution of the Lab’s revenues upon foundation, it may become a recurring position.

Finally, we will organize:

  • a monthly seminar series;
  • an annual conference;
  • a weekly lunch gathering;
  • a summer school;
  • an annual research workshop.

For more information visit the Arthur Lewis Lab for Comparative Development.