Library launches new ‘Neighbours’ campaign

The Library has launched a new campaign aimed at helping to promote a friendly and supportive Library community, because everybody needs good neighbours!

By helping each other, with support from Library staff, we hope that you will be encouraged to self-police any issues you come across in Library spaces.

A few simple guidelines can be found on the Library Neighbours webpage which should help to tackle some of the common issues.

If you see someone in need of help, show them a bit of kindness, or bring it to the attention of a member of staff wearing purple.

If you like food that someone else might find a bit smelly, please don’t eat it in the middle of the Library where others are trying to work.

If you see someone who leaves all their stuff on a desk unattended for hours, encourage them to share their space instead of hogging it.

Staff are on hand to help find the right study space for your needs. We can help with alternative spaces to try when it’s busy, whether you need somewhere quiet and focussed or somewhere you can work in a group.

This is your Library, your space, your community. Look after it and each other – If you need help just speak to us #UoMLibraryNeighbours.