Lindow Man: A Bog Body Mystery

Opening 19 April at The Manchester Museum

The story of a man found in a peat bog over 2,000 years ago, wearing only a fox fur arm band, is told in Lindow Man: A Bog Body Mystery, an intriguing new exhibition opening at The Manchester Museum on 19 April 2008.

Lindow Man, one of the British Museum’s most popular exhibits, is on loan for a year, along with important Iron Age artefacts such as the Wandsworth Shield boss, through the British Museum’s Partnership UK scheme.

From the time Lindow Man was discovered on Lindow Moss in 1984, scientists, archaeologists, historians and curators have been trying to unpick the mystery surrounding his story. This exhibition looks at the different angles to that story through the voices of seven people. Exploring a variety of perspectives, the stories include those of a peat digger, forensic archaeologist, museum curator and druid priest, amongst others.

Many questions still remain unanswered in Lindow Man’s story and much has changed since he was found. How, why and when he died still continues to be a matter for debate. Lindow Man: A bog body mystery doesn’t seek to answer all the questions, but presents a series of viewpoints and experiences, looking at what he means to us today.

Bryan Sitch, Head of Human Cultures said: ‘There are few moments in life when you can look into the face of someone who is 2000 years old and ask questions about them. This exhibition offers us a unique opportunity to do just that. We have used many objects to illustrate Lindow Man’s story, some of them like the Wandsworth Shield Boss and crow feathers have obvious links, others like the Care Bear are more surprising. Each of them shows us what he means to people today.’

Attitudes to the display of human remains are changing and The Manchester Museum’s human remains policy is very clear about treating them with respect and dignity. This exhibition will prepare you for an encounter with Lindow Man, and offer an intriguing personal insight to his story.

This everyman of prehistoric Britain, has been in the care of the British Museum since his discovery, and previously displayed at The Manchester Museum in 1987 and 1991. He will be staying in Manchester until 19 April 2009.

Notes for editors

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Lindow Man: A bog body mystery has been generously funded and supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund, the Wellcome Trust, the Dorset Foundation, The Foyle Foundation and Renaissance North West.

  • Lindow Man was previously on loan to the Manchester Museum from April – December 1987 and then again between 25 March and 21 September 1991.
  • Lindow Man is on loan from the British Museum through their Partnership UK scheme
  • For more information about The Manchester Museum go to www.manchester.ac.uk/museum
  • A full programme of events and activities will be taking place throughout the year in relation to the exhibition.