MEd Psychology of Education re-accredited by the British Psychological Society


The British Psychological Society (BPS) recently visited the Manchester Institute of Education (MIE) to assess the MEd Psychology of Education programme and we are delighted to announce that the BPS recommended the programme retains the Society’s accreditation. In addition, the review team highlighted two areas worthy of commendations.

This excellent outcome is the result of the hard work of the programme director Dr Sarah MacQuarrie and the programme team. Dr MacQuarrie said:

"We are delighted with the outcome of the BPS accreditation process. The visiting team recognised that research informed knowledge forms the basis of teaching and learning and the applied nature of the qualification foregrounds the value of such knowledge to communities and audiences across psychology and education

"Particularly pleasing are the commendations that celebrate enhancements on the programme I have led and introduced in recent years. Receiving one commendation is fantastic and being awarded two is remarkable and reflects exceptional features of provision across the MEd.

"The first commendation refers to the innovative forms of assessment applied to issues and real world research that provides students with both depth and breadth of assessment opportunities.

"The second commendation refers to the enhanced elements of the dissertation noted as extending the reach of what students learn. I am particularly enthused by the second commendation. This is work I lead that is being referred to (commonly labelled as the Display Project - Developing and disseminating student projects with lay audiences) and is being picked up in other programmes in MIE."

The British Psychological Society-accredited MEd has been designed to prepare students for careers involving psychology by providing a strong grounding in psychology as applied to educational contexts.

For more details on the programme, please visit the M.Ed Psychology of Education programme page.

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