A glorious celebration of Sudan: See Mohand & Peter live at the Martin Harris Centre

A backflip in time, a quick hop back home, with humour and visual poetry, Mohand & Peter will take you on a road trip through Sudan in a special performance at the Martin Harris Centre this March.

Mohand and Peter

Staged by theatre company PSYCHEdelight, Mohand & Peter is a play celebrating refugees' home countries and cross-cultural friendships. 

It’s a thought-provoking production that focuses on promoting social inclusion and diversity.

Sophie Bertrand Besse, Director of PSYCHEdelight theatre company, said:

Every day for the past 5 years since we created Borderline, I witnessed how much my cast miss their homes. I saw pictures of beautiful lakes, mountains, and ancient buildings; Videos of family gatherings, birthdays, and silly cats. I Facetimed brothers, sisters, but also nieces and nephews. Those kids that we spoil at weekends but that the people I work with have never held in their arms because they are not allowed to go back. Not for a wedding, not for a funeral, never. Their country is not just a war zone or a Talibans’ nest, it’s their homes. With Mohand & Peter, we aim to celebrate them.

When and where

It takes place on Thursday, 7 March at the Martin Harris Centre (behind Manchester Museum) with doors opening at 7.30pm.

Buying your ticket and a ‘Pay it Forward’ ticket option

We’re offering a unique ticket option for this performance that allows full paying guests the option to purchase a ‘Pay it Forward’ ticket to their booking.

The ‘Pay it Forward’ ticket is to allow people who otherwise wouldn’t be able to attend the show, the opportunity to secure a seat at the play.

  • Visit our event page for more information and how to purchase your ticket for Mohand & Peter.
  • Read more about Mohand & Peter on their website here.

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