Mundane Methods: Innovative ways to research the everyday

The new edited collection ‘Mundane Methods: Innovative ways to research the everyday’ is now available from Manchester University Press.

Mundane Methods, written by Helen Holmes and Sarah Marie Hall, is an innovative and original collection which will make a distinctive methodological and empirical contribution to research on the everyday. Bringing together a range of interdisciplinary approaches it provides a practical, hands-on approach for scholars interested in studying the mundane and exploring its potential. 

Divided into three key themes this volume explores methods for studying: materials and memories, emotions and senses, and mobilities and motion; with encounters, relationships, practices, spaces, temporalities and imaginaries cross-cutting throughout. In doing so, it draws on the work of a range of established and up-and-coming scholars researching the everyday, including human geographers, sociologists, anthropologists, urban planners, cartographers, and fashion historians.

Mundane Methods offers a range of truly unique methods - from loitering, to smell-mapping, to memory work - which promise to embrace and retain the vitality of research into everyday life. With empirical examples, practical tips, ethical considerations, and exercises, this book will be accessible to a range of audiences interested in making sense of the everyday.

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