New podcast examines the role of religion in tackling life’s biggest questions

World of Belief is a new podcast that explores some of the most complex, emerging questions about the human experience through the lens of religion and faith. Representing a spectrum of views, the series engages listeners in critical thought about the role religion plays in reacting to modern issues.

Join Dr Holly Morse, Senior Lecturer from The University of Manchester’s Department of Religions and Theology, as she talks to people from multiple faith groups to discuss how they relate to questions surrounding the environment, free will, artificial intelligence and sexuality.

Holly Morse said: “We wanted to make a podcast about modern belief, with voices from different faiths talking about some of life’s biggest questions.”

Each episode of the podcast also links in with elements of the A-level Religious Studies curriculum, making the series not just a great listen for those interested in contemporary religion, but also a valuable resource for teachers and students.

World of Belief is available to listen now on Spotify, Amazon Music, YouTube, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and Castbox.

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