Prof Françoise Tisseur awarded LMS Fröhlich Prize

Françoise Tisseur, Professor of Numerical Analysis in The University of Manchester's Department of Mathematics, has received the Fröhlich Prize from the London Mathematical Society (LMS).

The prize is awarded every two years in memory of Albrecht Fröhlich, a German-born British mathematician and creator of Galois module structure, now an important branch of algebraic number theory. Winners of the prize are selected for their original and innovative work.

Professor Tisseur has been recognised for her important and highly innovative contributions to the analysis, perturbation theory and numerical solution of nonlinear eigenvalue problems.

Her achievements include presenting, for the first time, an analysis that allows comparison of the conditioning of the original eigenvalue problem and the first order formulation; her work on matrix polynomials; major contributions to the challenging problem of derivation of numerical algorithms that work directly on the nonlinear problem; and new developments in the use of graph theoretic, algebraic and combinatorial methods.

Further details are available in the full prize citation, and the full list of LMS Prize winners 2020 is available on the LMS website.

Congratulations Professor Tisseur!


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