Professor Chris Phillipson co-edits new book on Global Migration

MICRA’s Professor Chris Phillipson has co-edited this new release along with Professor Marion Repetti of the University of Applied Sciences, Switzerland and Professor Toni Calasanti of Virginia Tech, USA.

Titled Ageing and Migration in a Global Context: Challenges for the Welfare State, this book brings together two major trends influencing economic and social life: population ageing on the one side and migration on the other. Both have assumed increasing importance over the course of the 20th and into the 21st century.

The book offers a unique interdisciplinary perspective on the challenges posed by the globalisation of the life course and challenges to the welfare state. Through a variety of case studies, it covers a wide range of migration scenarios: those who migrate in later life; migrants from earlier years who age in place; and old people who hire migrant caregivers.

Across a wide variety of situations, it highlights that migration can both create risks for older people, but also serve as an answer to challenges associated with social, economic, and health issues.

This release is part of the Life Course Research and Social Policies book series and can be purchased here.

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