'Puzzles for Today' set by Manchester academic Dr Geoff Evatt

For the past couple of years the Today Programme on BBC Radio 4 has been setting a daily puzzle for listeners to solve - and as of this year one of the regular puzzle setters has been The University of Manchester's very own Dr Geoff Evatt.

Dr Evatt is a Senior Lecturer in Applied Mathematics in the School of Mathematics. You can listen to - and test your skills against - a selection of his puzzles on the Aroundsound website.

These recordings have been enabled using a smartphone audio recording/sharing app from Aroundsound, with which the School of Mathematics held a maths and industry workshop in the spring.

A selection of applied mathematicians have helped Aroundsound to use novel mathematics in order to solve problems concerning the context of sounds from within audio data.

Are you able to solve Dr Evatt's puzzles?

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