Researcher to Innovator (R2I) Programme 2023

An exciting opportunity for researchers to develop their innovative thinking and enhanced understanding of creating and developing impact.

The Researcher to Innovator (R2I) programme is an entrepreneurship training programme for researchers with ambitions to develop commercial ventures or create impact from their academic studies. Participants in this exciting opportunity will learn how to develop their innovative thinking and gain an understanding of how to create and develop impact.    

On the recent R2I programme cohort we awarded £21k to researchers to further their ideas.    

Those successfully selected and able to engage with the programme will be invited to two days of in-person training at our bootcamp. This is followed by a number of shorter interventions, culminating in an option to present your findings to a panel of experts who will advise you on what they think your next best steps could be and an opportunity to gain a funding award.

 Joining the program

Individuals, or groups of researchers, can now submit details of your research to impact proposal to join the programme.    

The deadline for submissions is 17 April 2023.    

A Selection Panel (comprised of key University Faculty, Innovation Factory, MEC staff and external domain experts) will then shortlist individuals or teams to go on to the next stage of training and you will be informed of the outcome of your application by 21 April 2023.    

All shortlisted individuals, or teams, will be given Faculty support, permission to attend and awarded up to £500 to spend on justifiable expenses incurred during the programme to support the ongoing development of your opportunities.    

There is no better time to take your spark and your ambition and learn how to turn a research idea and innovation into a reality from leading experts and identify the best route to impact.    

Don't miss this opportunity; complete the application form by 17 April 2023.

While we may also be able to consider applications received before 21 April, places on the programme are limited, so we recommend that you apply early to avoid disappointment.

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This programme is being coordinated through the Innovation Academy, which is an umbrella initiative and joint venture between the Business Engagement and Innovation Team, the University of Manchester Innovation Factory and the Masood Entrepreneurship Centre and has the aim of bringing together knowledge, expertise and routes to facilitate the commercialisation of research.all4