Round up of papers, awards and external engagement, Apr-May 2019

Manchester Urban Institute news.A selection of papers, talks and external engagement from recent weeks.


Stefan Bouzarovski has been appointed to the European selection jury of the social innovation partnership to tackle energy poverty. The partnership is run by Ashoka and the Schneider Electric Foundation.

Stefan Bouzarovski joined the editorial board of the journal ‘Energies’ and took up an editorial assignment for SAGE Open.

Stefan Bouzarovski and Saska Petrova have been successful in obtaining funding for the ‘Renewable energies for vulnerable groups’ (POWER-TY) project, led by the Andalusian Energy Agency, and funded by the Interreg Europe programme, via the European Regional Development Fund. The total FEC value for the project at Manchester is £197,000.

Deljana Iossifova has been awarded funding (£323,768) for ‘A Systems Approach to Sustainable Sanitation in Urbanising China’ (SASSI) under the NERC 3 Towards a Sustainable Earth scheme. This is in collaboration with partners at the University of Tokyo (Japan), Tongji University (China), Manchester Metropolitan and University of Aberdeen (UK). The project will run for 24 months, 2019-2021.

Deljana Iossifova has been awarded funding (£440,582) for ‘Towards Sustainable Sanitation in India and Brazil’ (TOSSIB) under the Royal Society Challenge-led Grants scheme. This is in collaboration with partners at the TATA Institute of Social Sciences (India) and Universidade Federal de São Paulo, Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais and Universidade de Viçosa (Brazil) as well as Manchester Metropolitan and University of Aberdeen (UK). The project will run for 30 months, 2019-2021.

Publications and articles


All recent papers from MUI researchers can be found via the University's research portal.

Talks, visits and engagement

Stefan Bouzarovski chaired a session on ‘Disruptive solutions’ at the ‘Disruptive energy for communities’ conference, University of Plymouth (14 March 2019). He also led a discussion on fuel poverty within the public sector space on energy and buildings at the Manchester Green Summit (25 March).

Jamie Doucette:

  • Roh 2.0? The Moon Jae-in Administration and the Integral State. Academy of Korean Studies Europe Conference. Rome April 11-15
  • Revolution Economics? Korea’s Candlelight Revolution and the Postdevelopmental State. Academy of Korean Studies Europe Conference ASKE Rome April 11-15
  • Revolution Economics? Korea’s Candlelight Revolution and the Postdevelopmental State. New Perspectives on Korean Geography Symposium. EHESS, Paris, March 20-21.

Nuno Pinto has organised a workshop in Mexico City on Metropolitan Governance Institutions in Megacities, funded by the GCRF Pump Priming fund, in collaboration with the Programme for City Studies of UNAM (National Autonomous University of Mexico) and with the support of the Senate of Mexico. The workshop brought together SEED academics, experts from Canada, Spain, Brazil and Mexico and representatives of GMCA and Mexico City metropolitan stakeholders. The workshop aimed at discussing the role of methodological approaches in designing and operating metropolitan governance institutions and collect data to support the design of the research objectives of a grant in this field.

Nuno also organized a similar workshop at the Colegio de Jalisco in Guadalajara, a city-region where the topic of metropolitan governance is well advanced. Nuno visited Guadalajara Institute of Metropolitan Planning and discussed current methodologies for decision-making in use to establish strategies and approve investments in Guadalajara. These workshops are part of a larger research agenda on methodological approaches to decision-making in metropolitan governance institutions that include the cases of Manchester, Barcelona, Mexico City, Guadalajara and Brasília. The workshops also generated side projects including visiting professorships across the network of academics and a proposal for an edited book project.

Alfredo Stein was invited to lecture on urban development planning at the PhD programme in Human Development at the National Autonomous University of Honduras (UNAH) 8-12 April 2019.

Albena Yaneva delivered a keynote lecture at the symposium celebrating the 100th anniversary of Bauhaus: Bauhaus Dessau Foundation, Conference School FUNDAMENTAL, entitled “The Secret Life of Architectural Archives”. The other keynote speaker was Professor Tim Ingold.

Albena also delivered a keynote lecture at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf, Germany, 4 April, at the Annual Conference of the German Association of Sociology of Art, (German Sociological Association, DGS).

Henrik Ernstson invited speaker at University of Sheffield. Invited by Gabriele Silvestre and Aidan Mosselson to screen and discuss the film One Table Two Elephants (von Heland and Ernstson, 2018, 87 min) as part of their MA in Cities and Global Development, Department of Urban Studies and Planning, University of Sheffield, 5 March 2019. (40 people, students and scholars.)

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