Royal Society announces Dr Anastasia Kisil as Dorothy Hodgkin Fellow

Dr Anastasia Kisil of The University of Manchester's Department of Mathematics has been appointed by the Royal Society as one of eight new Dorothy Hodgkin Fellows for 2019.

For the post, Dr Kisil will research Noise Reduction: Novel Mathematical Techniques for Aeroacoustic Metasurfaces.

Dorothy Hodgkin Fellowships are designed to help outstanding scientists and engineers at early stages in their research career to progress to permanent academic positions by allowing them to work more flexibly - which may be needed due to personal circumstances such as parenting responsibilities. 

Dr Kisil's research stems from the issue of noise pollution from planes and wind turbines. Her mathematical investigations will look at how turbine blades could be changed to lower noise levels, modelling adaptations on examples found in nature.

These adaptations will rely on new types of materials called metamaterials, which exhibit properties not usually found in natural materials.

Dr Kisil and the other successful candidates will take up their new posts from the start of October this year.

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