TIGERinSTEMM releases crucial accessibility in STEM report

A lecturer from the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at The University of Manchester has led on a newly-released report from The Inclusion Group for Equity in Research in STEMM (TIGERinSTEMM) that promises to have a significant impact on the research community - most notably researchers with disabilities.

Entitled 'Accessibility in STEM: Barriers facing disabled individuals in research funding processes', the report was led by Dr Jessica Boland, Lecturer in Functional Materials and Devices at The University of Manchester, and written by disabled researchers, for disabled researchers.

It details the direct and indirect barriers that prevent disabled researchers from applying for and obtaining research funding. It aims to provide vital evidence for the #myscienceinquiry, and has the potential to massively impact government policy and processes within the research funding process.

This includes ensuring that equality, diversity and inclusion is embedded in these processes, and that disabled researchers start on an equal footing to their non-disabled counterparts.

This report was written by disabled researchers for disabled researchers and we are incredibly excited to publish this report open access and hope that it can be used to inform research institutions in how they can ensure accessibility is at the forefront of their agendas.
Dr Jessica Boland, Lecturer in Functional Materials and Devices

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