WATCH: Creative Climate Resilience in action at St George’s Day parade

The Creative Climate Resilience project has produced a video documenting its work in the community to bring climate change awareness via a St George’s Day parade by the Parish of St Cuthbert in Miles Platting.  

Bringing together families, costumes, creative sign-making, music and performance, sustainability was given a colourful voice at this community event led by Dr Jenna Ashton, Lecturer in Heritage Studies and Principal Investigator of the project. 

“Our wider project is interested in community pageantry and local rituals and traditions, so we have St George of Sustainability who is fighting the Climate Dragon and he’s doing that to conserve our Green and Pleasant Land,” said Ashton. 

 Dr Kevin Malone, Professor of Social and Autoethnographic Composition and Co-Investigator of the project, added: “This area of Manchester doesn’t have a tremendous amount of support and it’s undergoing a change at the moment.  

“We felt that residents really didn’t have that much of a voice and so in talking to them, we’re actually gaining much more understanding ourselves with regard to what they understand but also what are the expectations in dealing with climate change. Instead of just getting up and talking, we’re going to get out and show it and parade it.” 

Find out more about Creative Climate Resilience here.  

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