Whitworth debate on animal research video now available

The video from a  groundbreaking debate on animal research held at the University of Manchester's  Whitworth hall has been published.


Some of the leading thinkers on different sides of  the debate around the topic spoke to  staff and students last month.


The audience at the event, called Culture of care or culture of concern: let’s debate animal research, put questions to the  panellists and debated them with audience members .


On the panel was Wendy Jarrett CEO of Understanding Animal Research (UAR), Penny Hawkins Head of the Animals in Science Department, RSPCA Science and Policy Group and  Celean Camp from CEO of the Fund for the Replacement of Animals in Medical Experiments (FRAME).


The event kicked off with the signing of a public pledge to a culture of care at The University of Manchester’s animal research unit by its Director, Dr Maria Kamper.


The panel was also  chaired by Mike Addelman, communications lead for animal research at The University of Manchester. 


He said: “This event was conducted in the best possible way. Our panelists, leading thinkers in the field, were constructive in what they had to say, and  engaged a lively and appreciative audience. 


"We covered many of the hotly debated areas in animal research, including alternatives to animal research,  sentience,  and if institutions who work with animals are transparent  enough.


“Audience members told me they went home  feeling as though they had learned something -  and that they understood more of the issues. "


If you want to watch the video of the debate-  split into three sections -  just click on the links below. And if you want to know more about the University's openness agenda,  email animal.research@manchester.ac.uk




View Animal research debate 1
Animal research debate 1
View Animal research debate 2
Animal research debate 2
View Animal research debate 3
Animal research debate 3

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