International women's day: choose to challenge

We're changing societal norms and forging a path for the women of the future.

Colette Fagan

International Women’s Day reminds us how determined, collective action by women can improve lives. It is also a day to pause and remember how much more there is to do. Our University community contributes to this journey through our equality, diversity and inclusion plan. I #ChooseToChallenge and to continue to work collectively to drive progress.

Professor Colette Fagan / Vice-President for Research, The University of Manchester

International Women’s Day is a global campaign to highlight the inequalities and biases faced by women around the world. While it occurs on only one day a year, it is something that our academics and staff work to address all year round.

From our roots as the first civic university in England and drawing on the rich heritage of Manchester’s pioneering spirit, including the birth of the suffragette movement, we are working to make our city and the world a fairer and more equitable place.

Through our work and by sharing our stories, we hope to inspire you and the next generation of women to reach for their goals and to continue the fight for gender equality.

This burden does not just rest on the shoulders of women, but the whole of society, both here and across the globe.

Take a look through our stories and our research case studies to find out how we are changing societal norms and forging a path for the women of the future.