• 2020 – Set out our Policy for Socially Responsible Investment (Word Doc, 874KB) – a promise to divest from fossil fuel companies and gradually de-carbonise our entire investment portfolio.  
  • 2021 – Our Responsible Investment Report (PDF, 89.3KB) confirms we have exceeded our 30% carbon intensity reduction target, at 37%.*The report also confirmed that we have no holdings in companies producing tobacco, controversial weapons and those with the lowest environmental, social and governance rating.
  • 2021–2038 – Ambition to reduce this to net zero as part of the University’s and the city of Manchester’s overall zero carbon commitments.
  • 2022 – Updated our Policy for Responsible Investment and set medium-term decarbonisation targets to 2027. 

Targets to 2027 (from base year 2019)

  • 50% reduction in weighted average carbon intensity of public equity allocation. 
  • 40% reduction in weighted average carbon intensity of fixed income allocation. 
  • 10% reduction in energy consumption in the property allocation.
  • 100% renewable energy use in property allocation.  

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