Water is scarce resource, and we are aware of the importance of water pollution prevention and sustainable use of water resources.

We adhere to UK government guidelines on water discharge and standards to uphold water quality and protect ecosystems, wildlife, and human health and welfare. We also have a target of zero pollution incidents for emissions and discharges.

Water dispensers

Search the map to find our water dispensers, situated across campus.  

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Staff and students are reminded to think about how they can manage water use in the most efficient and effective ways, such as when working in a lab.

Preventing water system pollution   

Our Code of Practice for Design Teams requires all capital projects to complete and sign off the University’s bespoke Environmental Sustainability Project Tracker (PDF, 2.1MB) or Tracker Lite for smaller projects. Within the tracker is a section on water and drainage, with criteria on sustainable urban drainage that support the increase of biodiversity, habitat creation and local transpirative cooling. 

Water extraction on campus 

In line with our Code of Practice, we follow specific criteria on sustainable urban drainage.  


We re-use rainwater on campus and our water is treated by United Utilities at one of their 569 wastewater treatment works.