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Prof Angela Dale - publications

List of publications


  • Dale, A., Lindley, J., Dex, S., & Rafferty, A. (2008). Ethnic differences in women's labour market activity. In Women and Employment: Changing Lives and New Challenges|Women and Employ.: Changing Lives and New Challenges. (1 ed., pp. 81-106). Cheltenham: Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd. . Publication link: 9a3eb538-d835-4a43-88a6-68e1b58e5471
  • Higgins, V., Dale, A., Wathan, J., Alasuutari, P. (Ed.), Bickman, L. (Ed.), & Brannen, J. (Ed.) (2008). Secondary Analysis of Quantitative Data Sources. In The Sage Handbook of Social Research Methods. Sage. . Publication link: aca39dea-a109-4041-be41-90e7f5fe8897



  • Dale, A., & Houston, D. (Ed.) (2005). Combining family and employment: evidence from Pakistani and Bangladeshi Women. In Work-Life Balance in the 21st Century. Palgrave Macmillan . . Publication link: 5b69a4e5-e85a-4555-9174-69ad38f397a6
  • Tranmer, M., Pickles, A., Fieldhouse, E., Elliot, M., Dale, A., Brown, M., ... Gardiner, C. (2005). The case for small area microdata. Journal of the Royal Statistical Society. Series A: Statistics in Society, 168(1), 29-49. DOI: 10.1111/j.1467-985X.2004.00334.x. Publication link: 623fbf81-0f81-4f06-a916-fc27f09690f5
  • Dale, A. (2005). Ethnic differences in employment differences by life-stage. In Research seminar on Gender, Ethnicity, and the Labour Market, University of Copenhagen, Denmark.. Publication link: 0c2aab45-ff26-4e32-8c59-593aa5ef0515
  • Dale, A. (2005). Safe-data and safe setting. In Joint ESRC-ONS Census Conference.. Publication link: f74cf139-77ad-4a6c-8607-1e3ea17c06aa
  • Dale, A. (2005). Using mixed methods to research ethnic differences in women?s employment. In World Congress of the International Institute of Sociology.. Publication link: d0e78042-97fd-47fa-b47f-ff2c811cec9f
  • Dale, A. (2005). Making better use of personal data. In Council of Science and Technology Workshop on access to personal data for research purposes.. Publication link: 9bbd3361-38be-4336-b2fc-5cfeff562854
  • Dale, A. (2005). Methodological developments in the social sciences. In British Society for Criminology, RSS London.. Publication link: bce5d1c9-45e5-402e-bf31-901b998a9095


  • Tranmer, M., Dale, A., Fieldhouse, E., Steel, D., & Courgeau, D. (Ed.) (2003). Exploring population structure with census data. In Methodology and epistemology of multilevel models. Kluwer. . Publication link: 5369a625-ace1-44ab-beaf-f77647a54765





  • Elliot, M. J., & Dale, A. (1999). Scenarios of attack: the data intruder's perspective on statistical disclosure risk. Netherlands Official Statistics, 14. . Publication link: 214ad50d-3ede-4066-b734-d3b4bc855626
  • Dale, A., Elliott, J., Egerton, M., Heinz, W. (Ed.), Marshall, M. (Ed.), Kreuger, H. (Ed.), & Verma, A. (Ed.) (1999). Returning to work after childbirth: a longitudinal analysis of the role of qualifications in facilitating mothers' return to paid employment. In Restructuring work and the life course. Toronto: University of Toronto Press. . Publication link: 0d4a74cb-21f8-4f3e-be57-805c39334235
  • Dale, A., Karn, V., Mian, S., & Brown, M. (1999). Tradition change and diversity: understanding the housing needs of minority ethnic groups in Manchester. In host publication. London: The Housing Association. . Publication link: b3fca0dd-41bb-4138-b927-16d25c62af9b


  • Dale, A., & Holdsworth, C. (1998). Why don't minority ethnic women in Britain work part-time?Part-time Prospects. . Publication link: ed1a1d7d-ec8e-4eb2-874a-f34036f55a5d
  • Elliot, M., Skinner, C., & Dale, A. (1998). Special Uniques, Random Uniques and Sticky Populations. In Proceedings of to 1st International Conference on Statistical Data Protection.. Publication link: dcfe92a4-4204-40ad-ad23-c2aedb9896e7
  • Dale, A. (1998). The value of the SARs in spatial and area-level research. Environment and Planning A, 30(5), 767-774. . Publication link: 25256c88-8860-4834-8e63-a000eb591a39
  • Dale, A., Dorling, D. (Ed.), & Simpson, S. (Ed.) (1998). Confidentiality of official statistics: an excuse for secrecy. In Statistics in Society: the arithmetic of politics. London: Edward Arnold: London. . Publication link: 3689e9c1-2f2c-4622-82f5-844afe2145c9
  • Elliot, M. J., & Dale, A. (1998). Approaches to assessing disclosure risk with microdata. In GSS workshop on Disclosure and Disclosure Control.. Publication link: 3d986cf7-02c8-431f-8562-882d891ae2f0
  • Elliot, M., Skinner, C., & Dale, A. (1998). Special Uniques, Random Uniques and Sticky Populations: Some Counterintuitive Effects of Geographical Detail on Disclosure Risk. Research in Official Statistics, 2. . Publication link: 69c50eca-c9bf-48f9-8e81-09fd5c716790


  • Dale, A., Blossfeld, H. (Ed.), & Hakim, C. (Ed.) (1997). Part-timework among British women. In Between Equalization and Marginalization: Women Working Part-Time in Europe and the United States of America. Oxford: Oxford University Press. . Publication link: fb696232-f03e-4fcc-bbb5-004c33b3b693
  • Holdsworth, C., & Dale, A. (1997). Ethnic differences in women's employment. Work, Employment and Society, 11,3. . Publication link: 33e9429e-0dcc-4495-af15-71a1bc259ce4
  • Dale, A., & Holdsworth, C. (1997). Issues in the analysis of ethnicity in the 1991 British Census: Evidence from microdata. Ethnic and Racial Studies, 20(1), 160-181. . Publication link: 76f7d6b0-5d9b-487f-a731-fadbf9069d45


  • Dale, A. (1996). Housing deprivation and social change. London: HMSO, for Office of National Statistics; Longitudinal Study, 8.. Publication link: 3560aa87-5d72-4beb-a199-d2f521f02b50
  • Ward, C., Dale, A., & Joshi, H. (1996). Combining employment with childcare: An escape from dependence?Journal of Social Policy, 25(2), 223-247. . Publication link: ca9f0f92-a5f0-473b-8772-0a229950dfa8
  • Dale, A. (1996). Income Dependency Within Couples. Gender Relations in Public and private: Changing Research Perspectives. . Publication link: e2e983ce-adf8-4e67-80b6-c3e5c8bdd5ab