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Professor Blanche Schwappach (Diploma, DrRerNat, Habilitation) - personal details

Contact details

Professor Blanche Schwappach

Role: Honorary Professor

Tel: +44161 275 5133

Location: Faculty of Life Sciences,D.4414 Michael Smith Building, Oxford Road, Manchester, M13 9PT




Blanche has recently moved to the University of Gottingen Medical School in Germany.

University of Göttingen Medical School
Dept. of Biochemistry I
Humboldtallee 23
37073 Göttingen
Tel.: +49-(0)551-39 5962
Fax: +49-(0)551-39 5960

She maintains part of her lab within the Faculty of Life Sciences in Manchester and collaborates with the High Lab on the biogenesis of tail-anchored proteins.

Blanche has worked on various aspects of different ion transport proteins using a broad spectrum of methods to study their function and cell biology. During her undergraduate thesis she learned about the purification and reconstitution of membrane proteins in liposomes and about biophysical assays to assess mechanistic questions. In her PhD thesis work she used the yeast system to study the cell biology of a chloride transport protein. In parallel, she characterized disease-associated mutations found in a human homologue in patients suffering from inherited kidney stones. During her postdoctoral time she developed a quantitative assay for the cell surface expression of membrane proteins that is now widely used in the field of ion channel trafficking. This assay allowed the identification of previously uncharacterized peptide-sorting motifs in the ATP-sensitive potassium channel. She was able to start her own research program as a group leader at the Centre for Molecular Biology, University of Heidelberg, in 2000. She received an EMBO Young Investigator award in 2003.The group has contributed to the fields of protein sorting, chloride transport, and the biogenesis of tail-anchored membrane proteins making extensive but not exclusive use of the yeast system. In 2007, Schwappach was awarded a Wellcome Senior Research Fellowship and joined the "Cell Organisation and Dynamics" research group of the Faculty of Life Sciences. During the autumn of 2010 Blanche moved to the University of Gottingen Medical School to take up a professorship there.