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Prof Daniel Brockington - publications

List of publications


  • Woodhouse, P., Veldwisch, G. J., Venot , J-P., Brockington, D., Komakech, H., & Manjichi , Â. (2017). African Farmer-led Irrigation Development: re-framing agricultural policy and investment?Journal of Peasant Studies, 44(1), 213-233. DOI: 10.1080/03066150.2016.1219719. Publication link: d1254664-0238-4f73-a20b-297bb36bba2d





  • Buscher, B., Sullivan, S., Neves, K., Igoe, J., & Brockington, D. (2012). Towards a consolidated critique of Neoliberal Biodiversity Conservation.Capitalism, Nature, Socialism, 23(2), 4-30. . Publication link: 55319624-7a16-4ec7-ad0d-2822e475de9e
  • Holmes, G., Scholfield, K., & Brockington, D. (2012). A Comparison of Global Conservation Prioritization Models with Spatial Spending Patterns of Conservation Nongovernmental Organizations. Conservation Biology, 26(4), 602-609. DOI: 10.1111/j.1523-1739.2012.01879.x. Publication link: 8e9ef78c-cd29-4f2b-b0f7-bbc643a529fe
  • Holmes, G., & Brockington, D. (2012). Protected Areas - What People Say about Well-Being. In Biodiversity Conservation and Poverty Alleviation: Exploring the Evidence for a Link|Biodiversity Conserv. and Poverty Alleviation: Exploring the Evidence for a Link. (pp. 160-172). Oxford: John Wiley & Sons . DOI: 10.1002/9781118428351.ch10. Publication link: 354f3be7-418e-439d-b5d9-ef03642c4eb2
  • Brockington, D. (2012). A Radically Conservative Vision? The Challenge of UNEP's Towards a Green Economy. Development and Change, 43(1), 409-422. DOI: 10.1111/j.1467-7660.2011.01750.x. Publication link: 4256753d-0202-4878-b98f-b33005e516ff
  • Homewood, K., Chenevix Trench, P., & Brockington, D. (2012). Pastoral livelihoods and wildlife revenues.Pastoralism Journal, 2, 19. . Publication link: 16613bc5-be10-46f7-83a5-8b729b201cca
  • Brockington, D., Homewood, K., & Chenevix Trench, P. (2012). Pastoralism and conservation – who benefits? In Linking Biodiversity Conservation and Poverty Reduction. Oxford: Wiley Earthscan. . Publication link: d4f6cbe2-e872-41e2-a553-60cf86970246




  • Brockington, D., & Clarke, R. (Ed.) (2009). Celebrity Conservation. In Celebrity Colonialism: Fame, Representation, and Power in Colonial and Post-Colonial Cultures. Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars Publishing. . Publication link: 889a3fac-1af0-4df6-b9b5-0a20e61b6aca
  • Brockington, D., Sachedina, H., & Scholfield, K. (2009). Conservation as a Driving Force in Land Use Change in Tanzania.International Journal of African Historical Studies, 41 (3). . Publication link: e77c73e6-8d63-4b2d-9c8d-eaee15e5dfee
  • Brockington, D. (2009). Celebrity and the Environment. Fame, Wealth and Power in Conservation. Zed.. Publication link: c5d34886-44fd-4a0f-87c8-8bb65faa9aa6


  • Brockington, D., Sachedina, H., & Scholfield, K. (2008). Preserving the new Tanzania: Conservation and land use change. International Journal of African Historical Studies, 41(3), 557-579. . Publication link: ce235e65-d947-4620-9282-089a00b1b30c
  • Brockington, D. (2008). Powerful environmentalisms: Conservation, celebrity and capitalism. Media, Culture and Society, 30(4), 551-568. DOI: 10.1177/01634437080300040701. Publication link: e446f708-7d36-4704-870b-8782c67f0f01
  • Brockington, D. (2008). Non-Governmental Organisations and African Wildlife Conservation: A Preliminary Analysis. (The University of Manchester. Also printed as a paper in the Brooks World Poverty Institute). No publisher name.. Publication link: 199fb9d8-f3b4-423d-b0c7-a1834a8ba94a
  • Brockington, D., Duffy, R., & Igoe, J. (2008). Nature Unbound. Conservation, Capitalism and the Future of Protected Areas. Earthscan.. Publication link: 2298f0c9-133e-47b8-b066-306531c91ff1
  • Brockington, D. (2008). Celebrity Conservation. Interpreting the Irwins. Media International Australia, 127. . Publication link: 0c611cc7-5254-4e8f-b4f1-8f8078fe42cc
  • Brockington, D. (2008). Corruption, taxation and natural resource management in Tanzania. Journal of Development Studies, 44(1), 103-126. DOI: 10.1080/00220380701722332. Publication link: 655df107-5045-49c5-859a-c7b86e74b2de
  • Upton, C., Ladle, R., Hulme, D., Jiang, T., Brockington, D., & Adams, W. M. (2008). Are poverty and protected area establishment linked at a national scale?Oryx, 42(1), 19-25. DOI: 10.1017/S0030605307001044. Publication link: 7f28f1e8-d947-46af-bb3e-7dc0ec14e2fe
  • Igoe, J., Brockington, D., Randall, S., & Scholfield, K. (2008). Lessons to be learned about migration around protected areas. Science (E-Letter, 11 December 2008), www.sciencemag. org/cgi/eletters/321/5885/123?ck=nck.. . Publication link: 87cd7342-9353-4512-b83e-15eef3f3461e




  • Brockington, D., & Homewood, K. (Ed.) (2005). The Costs of Conservation: Monitoring Economic Change as a Consequence of Conservation Policy at Mkomazi Game Reserve, Tanzania. In Rural Resources and Local Livelihoods in Africa. James Currey. . Publication link: d191c0ac-72dc-48c5-bcf2-9f74fd2844e6
  • Brockington, D. (2005). The Commonwealth and African Aerial Photograph Archive. (A report to the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation). No publisher name.. Publication link: 2359bb93-5f1e-4797-9b53-dcd08d73106e


  • Brockington, D., D., . U., & Schmidt-Soltau, K. (2004). The Social and Environmental Impacts of Wilderness and Development. Oryx, 38, 1-3. DOI: 10.1017/S0030605304000250. Publication link: 8a9f170d-f1c3-46e8-84aa-95073d955527
  • Brockington, D. (2004). Community Conservation, Inequality and Injustice. Myths of Power in Protected Area Management. Conservation and Society, 2(2). . Publication link: 690f350b-f791-4017-bd35-3f4e25256667
  • Adams, W. M., Aveling, R., Brockington, D., Dickson, B., Elliott, J., Hutton, J., ... Wolmer, W. (2004). Conservation and Poverty: a Framework for Analysis. Science, 306, 1146-1149. . Publication link: b8c7de79-b171-486f-ad52-e6c14fac36dc



  • Brockington, D. (2002). Fortress Conservation. The Preservation of the Mkomazi Game Reserve Tanzania. James Currey.. Publication link: 7120c095-e620-4020-a0f0-6c50f58e4c6b
  • Brockington, D. (2002). Analytical framework for dialogue on CPR management. (Report to the Department for International Development, UK (Adams, W.A., Brockington, D. Dyson, J. and Vira, B.)). No publisher name.. Publication link: 7e2a1352-3bda-442f-b441-ed80c58a7260
  • Brockington, D., Adams, . U. (Ed.), W.A., . U. (Ed.), Dyson, D. (Ed.), J., . U. (Ed.), & Vira, B. (Ed.) (2002). Common Choices: Policy Options for Common Pool Resources. (Report to the Department for International Development, UK). No publisher name.. Publication link: 9cc2f894-dd16-4ff6-8d9f-81509a630064



  • Brockington, D. (2000). Pastoralism on the Margins. The Decline and Dispersal of Herding on the Umba Nyika from 1800 to 1919. Azania, 35. . Publication link: c6509318-e4d0-46f1-adbc-00d69eb9f0f6
  • Brockington, D. (2000). Some consequences of the pastoral migration to Southern Tanzania. A research report from Rukwa region. (Tanzanian Society of Animal Production). No publisher name.. Publication link: 1e31c75a-8e9a-486a-95a6-d3fde4a29244


  • Homewood, K., & Brockington, D. (1999). Biodiversity, conservation and development in Mkomazi Game Reserve, Tanzania. Global Ecology and Biogeography, 8(3-4), 301-313. DOI: 10.1046/j.1365-2699.1999.00144.x. Publication link: f6fef274-9500-406f-b9dd-12ab453b1140
  • Brockington, D., Coe, M. (Ed.), McWilliam, N. (Ed.), Stone, G. (Ed.), & Packer, M. (Ed.) (1999). Pastoralism around Mkomazi Game Reserve: the interaction of Conservation and Development. In Mkomazi: the ecology, biodiversity and conservation of a Tanzanian savanna. Royal Geographical Society (with the Institute of British Geographers), London (Brockington, D. and Homewood, K.). . Publication link: 5880a959-40c1-4a30-8a04-fd458578dd89
  • Brockington, D. (1999). Conservation, Displacement and Livelihoods. The consequences of the eviction for pastoralists moved from the Mkomazi Game Reserve, Tanzania. Nomadic Peoples, 3. . Publication link: 402d92d5-a065-4905-a6f6-5a4bdd7c7241
  • Brockington, D., & Igoe, J. (Ed.) (1999). Pastoral Land Tenure and Community Conservation: a case study from North-East Tanzania. (Pastoral Land Tenure Series No 11, IIED, London). No publisher name.. Publication link: 34f0d40a-b3e6-4ad2-a187-2ee38b6fcd83
  • Brockington, D., & Granfelt, T. (Ed.) (1999). Environmental Awareness and Conflict Genesis: People versus Parks in Mkomazi Game Reserve. In Managing the Globalised Environment. Intermediate Technology Publications, London (Rogers, P.J., Brockington, D., Kiwasila, H. and Homewood, K.). . Publication link: 34a1971e-68d6-4f1b-96b3-4523fa6c94ca


  • Brockington, D., Homewood, K. (Ed.), & Kiwasila, H. (Ed.) (1997). Conservation with Development? The case of Mkomazi. (Report to the Department for International Development, UK). No publisher name.. Publication link: 71df7025-b7a0-42d3-b862-2460dd92fc64


  • Brockington, D., Leach, M. (Ed.), & Mearns, R. (Ed.) (1996). Wildlife, Pastoralists and Science. Debates concerning Mkomazi Game Reserve, Tanzania. In The Lie of the Land. Challenging Received Wisdom on the African Environment, International African Institute, James Currey, Oxford (Brockington, D. and Homewood, K.). . Publication link: 664d4eca-39a3-4871-bc0f-8401caf22900