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Prof Paul Fouracre - publications

List of publications


  • Fouracre, P., & North, W. (Ed.) (2014). 'Francia' and the history of medieval Europe. In Haskins society Journal. (1 ed., Vol. 23, pp. 1-21). Woodbridge, suffolk: The Boydell Press. . Publication link: f674c671-456f-4e55-8225-0af2e6d23d04


  • Fouracre, P., & Higham, N. J. (Ed.) (2013). Wilfrid on the Continent. In Wilfrid Abbot Bishop Saint: Papers from the 1300th Anniversary Conferences. (1 ed., Vol. 1, pp. 199-13). Donington: Shaun Tyas. . Publication link: 14f66fd7-144c-4b67-926d-8d624e0d3017
  • Fouracre, P. (2013). Frankish History: Studies in the Contstruction of Power. (1 ed.) (Variorum Collected Studies Series). Farnham: Ashgate.. Publication link: 6975be46-1ce8-4f7f-9288-ddd81365b905



  • Fouracre, K., Hudson, B. T., Calise, F., Valante, J., & McDonald, H. (2011). The "Book of the serfs" of Marmoutier (eleventh century): reflections on the development of servitude. In 'Familia' and Household in the Medieval Atlantic World. (1 ed., Vol. Penn State medieval Studies 3, pp. 123-139). Arizona: ACMRS (Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies). . Publication link: 2ce154de-9725-4066-a25b-2e839c2815f3



  • Fouracre, P., Alfonso, I. (Ed.), Kennedy, H. (Ed.), & Escalona, J. (Ed.) (2004). Conflict, Power and Legitimation in Francia in the late seventh and eighth centuries. In Building Legitimacy. Political Discourses and Forms of Legitimation in Medieval Societies. Brill. . Publication link: f8ea8fa2-1f89-4b83-b9e9-621398a7ad01


  • Fouracre, P., Fryde, N. (Ed.), & Reitz, D. (Ed.) (2003). Why were so many bishops killed in Merovingian Francia. In Bischofsmord in Mittelalter. Vandenhoeck and Ruprecht. . Publication link: 8fa6c7d6-ccae-43e4-adc7-49d839113a1f




  • Fouracre, P. (1996). Later Merovinigian France. History and Hagiography, 640-720. Manchester: Manchester University Press.. Publication link: 9a92d554-8570-4ae7-9a5c-ce3e3ac644c5


  • Fouracre, P. (1995). Carolingian justice: the rhetoric of improvement and contexts of abuse. In Settimane di Studio del Centro Italiano di Studi Sull'Alto Medioevo 42, La Giustizia Nell' Alto Medioevo. Spoleto, Italy: Centro Italiano di Studi Sull'Alto Medioevo. . Publication link: 38bcd043-e9bc-4b77-a7a2-7141ee9b6d7c
  • Fouracre, P. (1995). Property and Power in the Early Middle Ages. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.. Publication link: 41c7557d-96b6-499c-909a-d80973820e51