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Prof Paul Cook - publications

List of publications


  • Uchida, Y., & Cook, P. (2007). Innovation and market structure in the manufacturing sector: An application of linear feedback models. Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics, 69(4), 557-580. . Publication link: adbc8669-be21-4bc5-88a8-eb59f4fd8fcf
  • Cook, P., & Uchida, Y. (2007). The Performance of Privatised Utility and Non-Utility Enterprises in Developing Countries. Journal of Development Studies. . Publication link: f3bda056-0adb-4009-b920-850ffb5b9aae
  • Cook, P., & Mosedale, S. (2007). Regulation, markets and poverty. Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd.. Publication link: 0e449dda-4b53-4d5d-9d99-aaefac0e5cff
  • Cook, P., Fabella, R., & Lee, C. (2007). Competitive advantage and competition policy in developing countries. Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd.. Publication link: 1c0c428a-df5d-478a-aee9-9028de3acf34
  • Cook, P., P., . U., & Uchida, Y. (2007). Structural Change, Competition and Income Distribution. Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance. . Publication link: 2fc4abe2-ac91-4af3-9960-f1c2ad4c463b


  • Cook, P. C., P., . U., Crew, M., Parker, D., & M. Parker, D. (Ed.) (2006). International Handbook on Economic Regulation. Edward Elgar.. Publication link: 9f159c3e-80ab-49a4-a478-f0e97b918e98
  • Cook, P., P., . U., & Willamejor-Mendoza, M. F. (2006). Regulation, Privatisation and Public Sector Reform. University of the Philippines.. Publication link: f9f4b261-a835-4b56-af11-90307dddd82d


  • Cook, P., P., . U., & Uchida, Y. (2005). The Transformation of Competitiive Advantage in East Asia - An Analysis of Technological and Trade Specialization. World Development, 33(5). . Publication link: 7effb3f2-1231-482e-8d4e-5e0696b7da59
  • Uchida, Y., & Cook, P. (2005). The effects of competition on technological and trade competitiveness. Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance, 45(2-3), 258-283. . Publication link: fce962bc-565b-4d90-aeaf-26dc630cab9e


  • Cook, P., Kirkpatrick, C., Minogue, M., & Parker, D. (2004). Leading Issues in Competition, Regulation and Development. Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd.. Publication link: adf12b49-27eb-4123-8409-d33b50762fd9
  • Cook, P., Nixson, F., Green, C. K. (Ed.), & C. Murinde, V. (Ed.) (2004). Small and Medium Sized Enterprises. In Finance and Development: Surveys of Theory, Evidence and Policy. Edward Elgar. . Publication link: 8ae8f674-a7ef-4ddd-a566-bf91e52bb1bf




  • Cook, P. (2001). Finance and Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise in Developing Countries. Journal of Developmental Entrepreneurship, 6(1). . Publication link: 21925ac8-21b0-473b-86c6-806697405b70
  • Cook, P., McCourt, W. (Ed.), & Minogue, M. (Ed.) (2001). Privatisation and Regulation of Utilities. In The Internationalisation of Public Managements: Reinventing the Third World State. Edward Elgar. . Publication link: 2731ce35-7935-4a09-9bc6-f9148ac2a6de


  • Cook, P., & Kirkpatrick, C. (1999). Critical Readings in Privatisation in Developing Transitional Economies. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar.. Publication link: 471c281e-513e-4a8c-83e7-df176021bd7d
  • Cook, P. (1999). Privatisation and Utility Regulation in Developing Countries: Lessons So Far. Annals of Public and Cooperative Economics, 70,4. . Publication link: ac8ea141-6644-47db-8514-238818e1c060


  • Cook, P. K., Kirkpatrick, C., Nixson, F., & C. Nixson, F. (Ed.) (1998). Privatisation, Entrepreneurship and Economic Reform. Edward Elgar.. Publication link: cfadd6db-871c-4cb3-9357-2fcb041861ed
  • Kirkpatrick, C., & Cook, P. (1998). Privatisation in Africa: Trends and Lessons. Development Policy Management Forum, V, 1. . Publication link: f395c009-ff56-474b-9e2e-20daa6cf3624
  • Cook, P., & Kirkpatrick, C. (1998). Labour Market Adjustment in Small Open Economics: the Case of Micronesia. World Development, 26, 5. . Publication link: 7303b8de-7351-4767-a315-8f8c53cf34b4
  • Cook, P., Kirkpatrick, C., Buckley, P. (Ed.), & Ghauri, P. (Ed.) (1998). Privatisation: Trends and Prospects in Developing Countries. In Multinational Enterprises and Emerging Managing Increasing Interdependence. Dryden Press. . Publication link: 72b1e5d9-ed60-44dd-9b06-716670047cb0
  • Cook, F., Kirkpatrick, C., Nixson, F., & P., . U. (Ed.) (1998). Privatisation, Enterprise Development and Economic Reform: Experiences of Developing and Transitional Economies. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar.. Publication link: 6ff7a2fd-3d37-4621-bd71-d1ac2e98d023
  • Cook, P., & Parker, D. (Ed.) (1998). Privatisation in the UK: Policy and Performance. Manchester University Press.. Publication link: 4e48cc77-0083-47ba-843d-35d374a363e4
  • Cook, P. K., Kirkpatrick, C., & C. Nixson, F. (Ed.) (1998). Privatisation, Employment and Social Protection. In Privatisation, Enterpreneurship and Economic Reform. Edward Elgar. . Publication link: 19877528-3f2d-428f-a4eb-bdbbc9ec0e88


  • Cook, P., & Kirkpatrick, C. (1997). Privatisation and public enterprise reform in development countries: the World Banks Bureaucrats in Business Report: Introduction and Overview. Journal of International Development, 9,6. . Publication link: 63e3cff3-58d0-4e88-a4bf-3458667945e6
  • Cook, P., P., . U., Minogue, M., & Carey, P. (Ed.) (1997). Economic Reform and Political Conditionality in Myanmar. In The Challenge of Change in a Divided Society. Macmillan. . Publication link: 644dc63e-7744-48bc-a868-3e0c8a60d8d2
  • Cook, P., & Kirkpatrick, C. (1997). Globalisation, Regionalisation and Third World Development. Regional Studies, 31. . Publication link: 03f7d8ac-1140-4d1e-bd12-4140bed0dc19
  • Cook, P. (1997). Privatisation, Public Enterprise Reform and the World Bank: Has Bureaucrats in Business Got it Right?Journal of International Development, 9,6. . Publication link: c72083c1-f6b4-47c8-bb3a-51b84117ec64


  • Cook, P., Kirkpatrick, C., Burton, F. Y. (Ed.), & M. Young, S. (Ed.) (1996). Privatisation in Transitional Economies: East and Central European Experience. In International Business and Europe in Transition. Macmillan. . Publication link: 53aba981-c6df-4038-b6e6-17809035cdef