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Dr Philip Gamlen - personal details

Contact details

Dr Philip Gamlen

Role: Honorary Research Fellow




Phil joined Manchester Business School in September 2007 as a Senior Fellow working with the TIEMPO subject area. His objective is to grow the MBS offering for this area, and further develop the client base.

Phil was a member of ICI's Technology Board, and a Director in the ICI Group Technology Office with particular responsibility for the Group Technology Strategy; the ICI Collaborative R & D programmes; Technology Sourcing, and Communications and PR issues as they relate to Technology.

A career in ICI has spanned manufacturing, product management, internal strategy consultancy, and R & D management, both in the UK and the US, but the prime focus has always been the exploitation of science and technology. Research activities have been highly diverse ranging from mining to upper atmosphere chemistry and physics, and most things in between.

In recent years Phil has been particularly concerned with practices and policies to accelerate innovation, and with the management of intellectual capital during acquisitions and divestment. He was also the editor of the ICI ‘Technology Matters’ magazine.

Previously he has been:

  • Member of the Governing Body of the European Industrial Research Management Association (EIRMA)
  • Member of the Advisory Board for the University of Manchester’s Centre for Research on Innovation and Competitiveness (CRIC)
  • Member of the Industry Advisory Board for University of Leeds MSc in Nanotechnology

Previous engagements with the UK ‘Innovation Agenda’ include:

  • Member of the User Group of the ESRC Innovation Programme
  • Member of the ESRC Impact Assessment Task Force (case studies of the Innovation and of the HIV programmes)
  • Member of the Advisory Board of the ESRC Evidence Based Policy programme
  • UK Industry Representative on the UNICE working party on Innovation
  • ICI representative in the MIT Sloan International Centre for Research on the Management of Technology (ICRMOT)
  • Industrial Supervisor for various collaborative projects with University of Manchester including inter alia, 

         1) Post acquisition integration of R & D activities;

         2) Social Networking Analysis of Technical Communities;

         3)The role of Technical Service in Innovation in the Chemical Industry