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Prof William Sharrock - publications

List of publications



  • Harper, R., Randall, D., & Sharrock, W. (2016). Choice: the sciences of reason in the 21st century : a critical assessment. Cambridge: Polity.. Publication link: 82969913-3047-42fe-91a5-c617bfbd0d83



  • Sharrock, W., Read, R., & Kindi, V. (Ed.) (2013). Kuhn's fundamental insight. In Kuhn's Structure of Scientific Revolutions Revisited. (pp. 64-91). Routledge. . Publication link: 87d5ea61-326f-4e84-a72c-35da589bce55
  • Sharrock, W., Button, G., & Rouncefield, . U. (Ed.) (2013). All at sea. In Ethnomethodology at play. Ashgate. . Publication link: 8e7eb1da-39e9-4e73-9a6d-cc0d07580a14
  • Brooker, P., & Sharrock, W. (2013). Remixing music together: The use and abuse of virtual studio software as a hobby. In Ethnomethodology at Play|Ethnomethodology at Play. (pp. 135-155). Farnham Surrey: Ashgate Publishing Ltd.. . Publication link: 74cbf749-f549-45d3-a2eb-7e0ab7324759
  • Anderson, R., & Sharrock, W. (2013). The Gentle Seer: The Unappreciated Prescience of Egon Bittner’s ‘Objectivity and Realism in Sociology'. Ethnographic Studies, (13). . Publication link: 516b8d91-14d8-4694-ae37-f9c1409ac3bd
  • Sharrock, W., Anderson, R., & Harper, R. (Ed.) (2013). The inescapability of trust. In The Complexity of Trust in Computing. Cambridge University Press. . Publication link: 25c61031-f90b-49b4-86d0-cbab6371e90f



  • Randall, D., Procter, R., Lin, Y., Poschen, M., Sharrock, W., & Stevens, R. (2011). Distributed ontology building as practical work. International Journal of Human Computer Studies, 69(4), 220-233. DOI: 10.1016/j.ijhcs.2010.12.011. Publication link: d4b8acd0-b2f4-40f2-a490-5e08bd14f876
  • Sharrock, W., Button, G., Szymanski, M. (Ed.), & Whalen, J. (Ed.) (2011). Engineering Work. In Making Work Visible. Cambridge University Press. . Publication link: bd7b9653-da17-484d-9604-defe77438a37
  • Sharrock, G. B. W., & Tolmie, M. R. P. (Ed.) (2011). Ethnomethodology and constructional studies of technology. In Ethnomethodology at Work. (1 ed., Vol. 1, pp. 211-228). Farnham: Ashgate. . Publication link: 49fc0508-e6ec-4703-b687-9ca0c729aa43
  • Sharrock, W., & Anderson, R. (2011). Discovering a practical impossibility. Ethnographic Studies, 12(11), 47-58. . Publication link: 1f4148c4-827c-4bd1-b18e-dbaa7debab33
  • Sharrock, W. (2011). The project as an organisational environment for the division of labour. In Ethnomethodology at Work|Ethnomethodology at Work. (1 ed., pp. 19-35). Farnham: Ashgate Publishing Ltd.. . Publication link: 69ee6bdc-a3b5-41f5-b6b5-db44181d3c73
  • Randall, D., & Sharrock, W. (2011). The sociologist as movie critic. In Ethnomethodology at Work|Ethnomethodology at Work. (1 ed., pp. 1-18). Farham: Ashgate Publishing Ltd.. . Publication link: 6494ba52-967e-4687-b615-35f92fffb739
  • Sharrock, W., Randall, D., & Greiffenhagen, C. (2011). Engineering the scientific corpus. Ethnographic Studies, (12). . Publication link: 6e3652a4-553c-4d30-9196-112a7db561a7


  • Sharrock, W., Button, W. S. G., & Dennios, P. M. A. (Ed.) (2010). The strucvture problem in the context of structure and agency controversies. In Human Agents and Social Structures. (1 ed., Vol. 1, pp. 17-33). Manchester: Manchester University Press. . Publication link: 8ada917c-acb8-4a79-8bca-ce4f424b2f29
  • Sharrock, W., & Dennis, P. M. A. (Ed.) (2010). The production and reproduction of social order: is structuration a solution. In Human Agents and Social Structures. (1 ed., Vol. 1, pp. 100-116). Manchester: Manchester University Press. . Publication link: 2e114fd3-12cc-4a48-b98a-0d69883761c9


  • Greiffenhagen, C., & Sharrock, W. (2009). Mathematical equations as Durkheimian social facts? In Sociological Objects: Reconfigurations of Social Theory|Sociological Objects: Reconfigurations of Soc. Theory. (pp. 119-135). Aldershot: Ashgate Publishing Ltd.. . Publication link: 9b3cf7f7-a76c-4865-9993-2c32255463cc
  • Sharrock, W., & Coulter, J. (2009). Theory of mind: a critical commentary. In I. Leudar, & A. Costall (Eds.), Against Theory of Mind. (1 ed., Vol. 1, pp. 56-88). Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan . . Publication link: 2fb10cac-bbb4-4df0-8b96-a39781f783bd
  • Greiffenhagen, C., & Sharrock, W. (2009). Two concepts of attachment to rules. Journal of Classical Sociology, 9(4), 405-427. DOI: 10.1177/1468795X09344450. Publication link: a2d27ec3-1d0c-4c0c-b7f1-1fc1805278d4
  • Sharrock, G. B. W. (2009). Studies of Work and the Workplace in HCI: Concepts and techniques. (1 ed.) (Sythesis lectures on human centred informatics). Morgan Claypool.. Publication link: e754f149-d5c8-4b44-ba02-fa87a5ab8f5b


  • Sharrock, W., & Dennis, A. (2008). That we obey rules blindly does not mean that we are blindly subservient to rules. Theory, Culture & Society: explorations in critical social science , 25(2), 33-162. DOI: 10.1177/0263276407086790. Publication link: a6704a8b-c998-4bb0-9694-91e0e435eb58
  • Greiffenhagen, C., & Sharrock, W. (2008). School mathematics and its everyday other? Revisiting Lave's 'Cognition in Practice'. Educational Studies in Mathematics, 69(1), 1-21. DOI: 10.1007/s10649-008-9115-7. Publication link: 6c77e0e4-0047-4b48-872b-2e33b4cd3d05
  • Hutchinson, P., Read, R., & Sharrock, W. (2008). There is no such thing as a social science: In defence of Peter Winch. (1 ed.) (Directions in ethnomethodology and conversation analysis). Farnham: Ashgate Publishing Ltd.. Publication link: 7f229610-8db0-49ea-9b2f-aa66ca97d641
  • Greiffenhagen, C., & Sharrock, W. (2008). Where do the limits of experience lie? Abandoning the dualism of objectivity and subjectivity. History of the Human Sciences, 21(3), 70-93. DOI: 10.1177/0952695108093954. Publication link: 860bea12-f835-4c98-af87-4883f0912518







  • Sharrock, W., Smart, . U. (Ed.), Ritzer, B. (Ed.), & G., . U. (Ed.) (2000). The fundamentals of ethnomethodology. In Handbook of Sociological Theory. Sage. . Publication link: cec566e4-bc63-4b45-b64f-3b187f88510d
  • Sharrock, W., & Coulter, J. (2000). Blunderbus and scattershot: a response to Professor Wetherick. Theory and Psychology. . Publication link: c40af42d-458c-472e-a07d-84a981961e6d
  • Sharrock, W., Coulter, J., Quere, I. (Ed.), & Ogien, A. (Ed.) (2000). Reflections sur raisonnement. In L'ethnomethodologie: un sociologie radicale?.. Publication link: 8f1f6e6e-eedc-4896-98cb-3865d4ea9396


  • Sharrock, W., & Button, G. (1999). Do the right thing! rule finitsm, rule scepticism and rule following. Human Studies, 22. . Publication link: 1dca11c1-06f6-41e7-89ca-da4ea837c653
  • Sharrock, W. (1999). The omnipotence of the actor. In Goffman's Legacy. London: Manchester University Press. . Publication link: 41da6ea9-3112-4dd4-8205-e1d3abd43b30
  • Sharrock, W., & Coleman, W. (1999). Feeling and Finding Society in the Text. In Ethnomethodology and Media Studies. University of America Press. . Publication link: f6d0767b-edd1-4dee-87ec-1c50a78f6102



  • Sharrock, W., Button, G., & Bowker, G. (Ed.) (1997). Engineering investigations. In Social Science, Technical Systems and Cooperative Work. Erlbaum. . Publication link: 40e7f51e-d8d8-4add-9d15-a178ffcb3ec4
  • Button, G., & Sharrock, W. (1997). The production of order and the order of production. ECSCW'97 Proceedings of the Fifth European Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work. . Publication link: 4adb74e6-44be-461b-afe1-f668aa77bc32
  • Sharrock, W. (1997). The Philosophy of Social Research, 3rd edition. Addison Wesley.. Publication link: d1469adb-3fe2-40d1-b384-4ecac5d512fd


  • Sharrock, W., Gray, J., & Puente, S. (1996). Hispanic/Latino health outcomes research. Introduction to special issue.Journal of Medical Systems, 20(5), 229-233. . Publication link: a8183dad-7866-4ebb-9a46-0c8ede43cc7f
  • Button, G., & Sharrock, W. (1996). Project work: The organisation of collaborative design and development in software engineering. Computer Supported Cooperative Work, 5(4), 369-386. . Publication link: b0f12490-ae9c-4bbe-acef-1854ea2d292a