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Dr Adrian Curtis - publications

List of publications


  • Curtis, A. (2007). Oxford Bible Atlas 4th edition. Oxford University Press.. Publication link: 3140ed0c-9057-4182-937b-9237e1fa46d4
  • Curtis, A. (2007). Encounters with El. In He Unfurled his Brow and Laughed.. Publication link: 72cfb0b6-9e44-4033-b312-d06bdea6c71e
  • Curtis, A., Becking, B. (Ed.), & Peels, E. (Ed.) (2007). 'Our Father...': An Inherited Title and its Presence (or Absence) in the Psalms. In Psalms and Prayers. Brill. . Publication link: 5d2aeeeb-7f63-493d-bdc0-0059a03bb708
  • Curtis, A., & Michaud, J-M. (Ed.) (2007). The Divine Abode: Ugaritic Descriptions and Some Possible Israelite Implications. In Le Royaume d'Ougarit de la Crete a l’Euphrate: Nouvelles Axes de Recherche (POLO 2). GGC. . Publication link: b52df57f-14bf-4657-b847-cb888f6de443
  • Curtis, A., & Romer, T. (Ed.) (2007). Moses in the Psalms, with Special Reference to Psalm 90. In La Construction de la Figure de Moise/The Construction of the Figure of Moses. Gabalda. . Publication link: b38d82d4-5482-4de1-8adc-261e5dc0e0d3
  • Curtis, A., Brooke, G. J. (Ed.), & Romer, T. (Ed.) (2007). Joshua: Historical Mapping. In Ancient and Modern Scriptural Historiography/L'Historiographie Biblique, Ancienne et Moderne. Leuven University Press/Peeters. . Publication link: d598d1d6-0337-457c-ba6d-4862381dd72d
  • Curtis, A., Rezetko, R. (Ed.), Lim, T. H. (Ed.), & Aucker, W. B. (Ed.) (2007). The Just King: Fact or Fancy? Some Ugaritic Reflections. In Reflection and refraction: Studies in Biblical Historiography in Honour of A. Graeme Auld. Brill. . Publication link: d03670ad-a0b2-430a-8ff1-fd00d6b9a85e



  • Curtis, A., & Marguerat, D. (Ed.) (2000). La mosaique de l'histoire d'Israel: quelques considerations sur les allusions 'historiques' dans les psaumes. In Intertextualites: La Bible en echos (Le Monde de la Bible). Labor et Fides. . Publication link: 74465144-9e17-4d8b-a0c5-f449b0ac350b


  • Curtis, A., Watson, W. G. E. (Ed.), & Wyatt, N. (Ed.) (1999). Ras Shamra, Minet el-Beida and Ras Ibn Hani: the Material Sources. In Handbook for Ugaritic Studies (Handbuch der Orientalistik). Brill. . Publication link: ab29901a-3dcd-4043-a6d2-1163390473aa


  • Curtis, A. H. W., & Römer, T. (Ed.) (1997). 'Terror on Every Side!'. In The Book of Jeremiah and its Reception (Bibliotheca Ephemeridum Theologicarum Lovaniensium). Leuven University Press/Peeters. . Publication link: 225aea17-7a81-4341-b6ad-bdfa129c0f6d


  • Curtis, A. H. W., Brooke, G. J. (Ed.), & Healey, J. F. (Ed.) (1994). The Psalms since Dahood. In Ugarit and the Bible: Proceedings of the International Symposium on Uarit and the Bible, Manchester, September 1992. Ugarit-Velag. . Publication link: 48479599-e3f8-4408-8b14-7449818174d3
  • Curtis, A. (1994). Joshua. Sheffield Academic Press.. Publication link: 5e3f6ea6-842b-4785-b47a-7c07abb98b11


  • Curtis, A., & Brooke, G. J. (Ed.) (1992). Canaanite Goddesses in the Old Testament. In Women in the Biblical Tradition (Studies in Women and Religion). Edwin Mellen. . Publication link: 1921be7f-b478-4ff3-9177-e5ae4e496cb4


  • Curtis, A., & Woude, A. S. V. D. (Ed.) (1990). Some Observations on 'Bull' Terminology in the Ugaritic Texts and in the Old Testament. In In Quest of the Part: Studies on Israelite Religion, Literature and Prophetism (Oudtestamentische Studien). Brill. . Publication link: 4e5a4ce1-7021-4a02-98af-324613afa06c



  • Curtis, A., & Lindars, B. (Ed.) (1988). God as 'Judge' in Ugaritic and Hebrew Thought. In Law and Religion. James Clark and Co. . Publication link: 198fd222-00a7-46fa-a105-f2b14cdc1eb5



  • Curtis, A. H. W. (1978). The "subjugation of the waters" motif in the psalms; imagery or polemic?Journal of Semitic Studies, 23(2), 245-256. . Publication link: 67c84961-758f-4082-99ef-024158743c4c