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Prof Allan Ramsay (BSc, MSc, PhD) - research

Research interests

I am interested in a range of issues around the overarching task of getting computers to understand natural language. To achieve this goal, you have to find out how languages encode meaning, which involves looking at issues in how words are constructed (morphology) and how they are grouped into larger structures (syntax). I have published extensively in both these areas, with a number of papers dealing with how to describe and then analyse the syntax of 'free word-order languages', and a thread of work dealing with the morphology of Arabic, which poses a number of specific problems.

Once you have analysed the structure of a text, you have to construct a meaning representation, and you then have have to link the information encoded in that meaning representation to your general knowledge. I have carried out an extensive investigation into the need for intensionality in meaning representations, and have developed a theorem prover for an intensional logic (property theory) which I have used to explore these issues.

For further details of this work see my home page.

Research Group(s)