Research is fundamental to The University of Manchester. We're committed to both the discovery of new knowledge and its application for social and economic value.

Research beacon breakthroughs

Find out how world-class academic research is commercialised by scientists, engineers, medical professionals, business leaders and policymakers at Manchester.

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We have a range of world-leading research that is rivalled by few other institutions. Our size and breadth offers excellent opportunities to combine expertise from across disciplines, bringing the best minds together to find new ways forward in multiple fields.

Manchester's five research beacons showcase this unique capability. They are exemplars of interdisciplinary collaboration and cross-sector partnerships that are distinctive to our University, making groundbreaking discoveries and improving the lives of people around the world.

Researchers working in our beacon areas are at the forefront of the search for innovative solutions to some of the biggest challenges facing the planet today. 

Below is a selection of some of the pioneering breakthroughs that researchers at The University of Manchester are making across the five research beacon subject areas. Each one is an example of how we're working with industry to advance the global span of knowledge to provide a better future for all.

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