Discover how our cancer research is enhancing healthcare transformation in Kenya and benefitting local populations.

Manchester Kenyan partnership: a cancer care revolution

We’re sharing pioneering discoveries across cancer prevention, detection and treatment to improve outcomes for people affected by the disease where it is needed most.

In developing nations, such as Kenya, increased clinical provision through specialist cancer treatment centres is helping to increase survival rates.

However, the need for a larger skilled workforce, routing earlier detection strategies, and a better understanding of poorly researched cancers means that survival rates remain much lower than those in developed countries.


Impact through partnership

We’re forging international partnerships to improve cancer survival outcomes.

Through the Kenya UK Healthcare Alliance, we are seeking to make a difference to the healthcare system of an important strategic ally by uplifting clinical services, research and education.

Prof Graham Lord / Vice-President and Dean of the Faculty of Biology Medicine and Health

As the first UK university to have social responsibility as a core goal, we’re committed to sharing the lessons we learn in Manchester to help benefit people worldwide. 

We have partnered with the Kenyatta University Teaching Referral and Research Hospital (KUTRRH) to help improve the prevention and management of cancer in Kenya by creating a world-leading research centre.

The centre will develop novel personalised therapies for East Africans, establish research services for a widespread - but poorly understood - cancer in Kenya and help to create a health education centre of excellence to train nurses, doctors and pharmacists. 

Case studies

Explore our series of research case studies to learn more about our work in Kenya.