The changing face of cancer treatment in our new normal

Ananya Choudhury, Chair and Honorary Consultant in Clinical Oncology, looks at how cancer treatment is adapting in a world where COVID-19 looms large.

The COVID-19 pandemic is forcing a change to the face of cancer treatment and routine practices.

Thinking differently about how we work to keep patients and practitioners safe, while accelerating detection and treatment caused by delayed diagnosis, is critical to ensuring that the cancer pathway opens up again.

Manchester is leading the way in delivering cancer treatment differently, including in radiotherapy – providing bigger doses over a smaller number of visits but with the same outcome. 

Hypofractionated radiotherapy is just one way that cancer treatment in Manchester is becoming become more agile as clinical staff create new, flexible protocols to give treatments that are effective, safe for patients and staff, and COVID secure.  

Recorded in August 2020