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Prof David Lomas - publications

List of publications


  • Lomas, D. (2017). Roots / Routes to Abstraction: Hilma af Klint and Botany. In L. Belfrage (Ed.), Hilma af Klint: Seeing is Believing.. Stockholm: Konig Verlag. . Publication link: 5f71917c-b68f-40ce-94c0-6eebb9eb566e



  • Lomas, D. (2015). Sick Art. In L. Toft-Eriksen (Ed.), Melgaard + Munch: The End of it All Has Already Happened. (pp. 215-227). Oslo: Hatje Cantz / Munch Museet. . Publication link: 537ef47e-8989-4ed4-b026-547b4d95e062
  • Lomas, D. (2015). The Meaning of "Life": Hilma af Klint's The Ten Largest. In . K. Almqvist, & . L. Belfrage (Eds.), Hilma af Klint: The Art of Seeing the Invisible. (pp. 193-210). Stockholm: Axel and Margaret Ax:son Johnson Foundation. . Publication link: b51e1eb7-9de8-43cc-9cd0-1ac661a21e88


  • Lomas, D. (2013). The Botanical Roots of Hilma af Klint's Abstraction. In I. Müller-Westermann (Ed.), Hilma af Klint. Stockholm: Moderna Museet. . Publication link: 5aaf2ed6-389d-4cd0-b001-d9d55ae94db9





  • Lomas, D. (2009). Sobre el Narcisismo en Dalí: Una introducción. In La Metamorfosis de narciso. (pp. 89-133). Barcelona: Circulo de Lectores / Fundacio Gala-Salvador Dali. . Publication link: 83c526a8-0d8f-4bea-801b-44a7e552f6b3
  • Lomas, D. (Other), & Dezeuze, A. (Other). (2009). Subversive Spaces: Surrealism and Contemporary Art. No publisher name.. Publication link: 37466f9b-5af5-425d-98aa-0bfdea334afa
  • Lomas, D. (2009). Divine! Dalí, Leonardo and the Cult of Celebrity. In Dalí Dalí, featuring Francesca Vezzoli.. (pp. 78-96). Stockholm: Moderna Museet. . Publication link: badd6ea3-762f-4f83-8631-244fcda9fd31
  • Lomas, D., Dezeuze, A., & Lackey, S. (2009). Subversive Spaces: Surrealism and Contemporary Art. Manchester: Whitworth Art Gallery.. Publication link: bc2e904a-131d-4948-91bf-454fe486a49d


  • Lomas, D. (2008). Painting is Dead - Long Live Painting!: Notes on Dali and Leonardo. In M. Taylor (Ed.), The Dalí Renaissance: New Perspectives on His Life and Art after 1940. (pp. 153-189). (Philadelphia Museum of Art). Philadelphia Museum of Art. . Publication link: 2c97ec94-6fd6-4ba7-861d-7525eddf1ef0



  • Lomas, D. (2006). Labyrinth and Vertigo: On Some Motifs in Andre Masson and their Meaning. In E. Adamowicz (Ed.), Surrealism: Crossings. (pp. 83-108). Oxford: Berg. . Publication link: 8705f7e1-e2f2-476b-b2e1-1fe86dbcf440




  • Lomas, D. C. (2001). Omnipotence of Desire: Surrealism, Psychoanalysis and Hysteria. In . J. Mundy (Ed.), Surrealism: Desire Unbound. Tate Modern and Metropolitan Museum of Art. . Publication link: 69ee68d5-263a-41e2-b827-49583d8a5783


  • Lomas, D. C. (2000). The Haunted Self: Surrealism, Psychoanalysis, Subjectivity. New Haven; London: Yale University Press.. Publication link: 47fe7a04-78ed-4320-94a0-adb529706cf2


  • Lomas, D. (1999). Time and Repetition in the Work of André Masson. In André Masson: the 1930s.. (pp. 37-53). St.Petersburg, Florida: Salvador Dalí Museum. . Publication link: 9e18cef9-9e4b-4f79-b75a-5b6b33829651
  • Lomas, D. (1999). Staging Sacrifice: Munch, Picasso, Marat. In David: The Dying Marat.. (pp. 153-178). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. . Publication link: cd2c8004-a88b-4457-a643-f4a3373a7c71


  • Lomas, D. (1998). The Metamorphosis of Narcissus: Dalí’s Self-Analysis. In Salvador Dalí: A Mythology.. (pp. 78-100). London: Tate Gallery. . Publication link: 526be158-33dd-4288-a683-2881fec7c59f


  • Lomas, D. (1993). Body Languages: Kahlo and Medical Imagery. In K. Adler, & . M. Pointon (Eds.), The Body Imaged. (pp. 5-19). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. . Publication link: 749184ea-0e21-4fd9-bc77-21810864e83b
  • Lomas, D. (1993). A Canon of Deformity: Les Demoiselles d'Avignon and Physical Anthropology. Art History, 16(3), 424-446. . Publication link: 02c8e644-2e9e-4b64-b8ab-6f99d14b4812