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Prof Denise Osborn - publications

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  • Aslanidis, N., Osborn, D. R., & Sensier, M. (2010). Co-movements between US and UK stock prices: The role of time-varying conditional correlations. International Journal of Finance and Economics, 15(4), 366-380. DOI: 10.1002/ijfe.402. Publication link: 1774607f-d105-4040-a3dd-d463e63f1c60
  • Savva, C. S., Neanidis, K. C., & Osborn, D. R. (2010). Business cycle synchronization of the euro area with the new and negotiating member countries. International Journal of Finance and Economics, 15(3), 288-306. DOI: 10.1002/ijfe.396. Publication link: dccdade0-ad46-4714-a6e8-b45f67441bfb
  • Mejía-Reyes, P., Osborn, D. R., & Sensier, M. (2010). Modelling real exchange rate effects on output performance in Latin America. Applied Economics, 42(19), 2491-2503. DOI: 10.1080/00036840701858117. Publication link: 9fa252e3-92d1-462a-9e6a-0e4520128782





  • Perez, P. J., Osborn, D. R., & Artis, M. (2006). The international business cycle in a changing world: Volatility and the propagation of shocks in the G-7. Open Economies Review, 17(3), 255-279. DOI: 10.1007/s11079-006-6811-8. Publication link: c73d1626-c252-42e5-8ce1-4e7934a66ded
  • Osborn, D. R., Kesriyeli, M., Sensier, M., Milas, C. R. (Ed.), & P. van Dijk, D. (Ed.) (2006). Nonlinearity and structural change in the interest rate reaction functions for the US, UK and Germany. In Nonlinear Time Series Analysis of Business Cycles. (pp. 283-310). Elsevier. Amsterdam. . Publication link: b4b023ad-b1ce-42da-8199-dd8e12439184
  • Ghysels, E., Osborn, D. R., & Rodrigues, P. M. M. (2006). Chapter 13 Forecasting Seasonal Time Series. In Handbook of Economic Forecasting|Handb. Forecast.. (Vol. 1, pp. 659-711). Elsevier. DOI: 10.1016/S1574-0706(05)01013-X. Publication link: b822923e-6f90-43a8-9ebe-7bda93dde282






  • Osborn, D. R., MacDonald, . U. (Ed.), Pyle, Z. (Ed.), & D., . U. (Ed.) (2000). An investigation into quarterly crime and its relationship to the economy. In Illicit Activity: The Economics of Crime, Drugs and Tax Fraud. Aldershot: Ashgate Publishing. . Publication link: 183010f4-752a-40a6-8ec7-087a657df5d3
  • Andreou, E., Osborn, D. R., & Sensier, M. (2000). A Comparison of the Statistical Properties of Financial Variables inthe USA, UK and Germany over the Business Cycle. The Manchester School, 68(4). . Publication link: 309e84dd-e6e7-4a2b-b603-4d1f8396a4d7
  • Osborn, D., D, R., & Ocal, N. (2000). Business Cycle Nonlinearities in UK Consumption and Production. Journal of Applied Econometrics, 15. . Publication link: eab16f5a-432a-40cf-9281-7c7c2453c69b


  • Rodrigues, P. M. M., & Osborn, D. R. (1999). Performance of seasonal unit root tests for monthly data. Journal of Applied Statistics, 26(8), 985-1004. . Publication link: 697878cc-4f16-436c-8be1-526c709df334
  • Jessen, H., Simpson, P., Birchenhall, C., & Osborn, D. (1999). Predicting US Business Cycle Regimes. Journal of Business and Economic Statistics, 17. . Publication link: 503bfdb4-da44-4f45-ad78-201066c64d4d
  • Osborn, D. R., Heravi, S., & Birchenhall, C. R. (1999). Seasonal Unit Roots and Forecasts of Two Digit European Production. International Journal of Forecasting, 15. . Publication link: dd6dbcf3-b638-43e5-9195-4f09477e0272
  • Ghysels, E., Rodrigues, P., & Osborn, D. (1999). Seasonal nonstationarity and near-nonstationarity. In Companion Theoretical Econometrics. Blackwell. . Publication link: f5766010-2430-410d-aff2-ab5a029c9a17


  • Osborn, D. R., & Tseloni, A. (1998). The Distribution of Household Property Crimes. Journal of Quantitative Criminology, 14(3), 307-330. . Publication link: 70b220a3-9d55-45ab-a286-1765bb23320d


  • Ellingworth, D., Hope, T., Pease, K., Trickett, T., & Osborn, D. (1997). Prior victimisation and crime risk. International Journal of Risk, Security and Crime Prevention, 2. . Publication link: 05b59c30-2b6d-4f3b-8da3-4488d4bce05d
  • Artis, M. J., Kontolemis, Z. G., & Osborn, D. R. (1997). Business cycles for G7 and European countries. Journal of Business, 70(2), 249-279. . Publication link: 900327fa-176b-4bec-afca-06b4e34293fc


  • Osborn, D. R., Ellingworth, D., Hope, T., & Trickett, A. (1996). Are repeatedly victimized households different?Journal of Quantitative Criminology, 12(2), 223-245. . Publication link: 1caf2ae0-dae5-4590-a613-9c9eececbbd9