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Dr Francesca Branzi (PhD) - personal details

Contact details

Dr Francesca Branzi

Role: Marie Curie Post-doctoral Research Fellow


Room 3.19
Neuroscience and Aphasia Research Unit (NARU)
Zochonis Building
University of Manchester
Brunswick Street
Manchester, M13 9PL




During my PhD, I investigated the cognitive and neural bases of language processing and executive functions in bilinguals, under the supervision of Prof. Albert Costa at the Pompeu Fabra University (Barcelona). I addressed these issues using behavioral and combined electrophysiological (EEG) approaches. I also acquired neuroimaging skills through an fMRI project conducted in collaboration with Prof. Jubin Abutalebi (San Raffaele University, Milan).
Soon thereafter, I was offered a postdoctoral position at the Basque Center for Cognition, Brain and Language (San Sebastian, Spain). During this time I carried out a project to investigate whether and how the intention to produce language affects conceptual and lexical processing in the brain. In parallel to my research, I also taught in the Master in Cognitive Neuroscience of Language held at the BCBL.
After being awarded a Marie Curie Fellowship, I joined the Neuroscience and Aphasia Research Unit at the University of Manchester to work with Prof. Matthew Lambon Ralph. My present aim attaches to develop a long-term line of research on the interplay between semantic cognition, language processing and domain general executive control. To do so, I will combine behavioural approaches with neural stimulation (TMS) as well as neuroimaging (fMRI) techniques.


2014  PhD Biomedicine, Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona (Spain)

2009  MSc Cognitive Neuroscience, San Raffaele University, Milan (Italy)

2007  BSc Cognitive and Psychobiological sciences, University of Padua, Padua (Italy)