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Prof Geraint Howells - publications

List of publications


  • Howells, G., Nogler, L. (Ed.), & Reifner, U. (Ed.) (2014). Change of circumstances in consumer credit contracts – the United Kingdom experience and a call for the maintenance of sector specific rules. In Life Time Contracts. (pp. 301-311). Eleven. . Publication link: 74bf060a-a11e-4d6e-b82e-7aa0c5d7dd84


  • Howells, G., Martens, B., Wurmnest, W., Dannemann, G. (Ed.), & Vogenauer, S. (Ed.) (2013). Language of Information, Contract and Communication. In The Common European Sales Law in Practice. (1 ed., pp. 190-215). Oxford: Oxford University Press. . Publication link: 1e6dcd67-9077-48ca-9c41-0366fa626a27


  • Howells, G., Watson, G. H. H., & Schulze, . U. (Ed.) (2012). Pre-contractuial information. In Common European Sales Law (CESL)- Commentary. (1 ed., pp. 125-178). Baden-Baden: Nomos. . Publication link: ddd12259-6e24-45c6-ae34-b0c9d5b3c0ec
  • Howells, G., Fairgrieve, D., & Lein, E. (Ed.) (2012). Collective Redress Procedures: European Debates. In Extraterritoriality and Collective Redress. (1 ed., pp. 15-41). Oxford: OUP. . Publication link: 7b385d4c-0e1e-498c-a694-f7f6fe1f0c62
  • Howells, G. (2012). CESL - A Conscientious Objector. Contratto e impresa, 312-315. . Publication link: 61dfd52a-022a-4f82-adb0-15710c430962


  • Howells, G., & Schulze, R. (Ed.) (2011). Product Liability and the European Tort Landscape. In Compensation for Private Losses. (1 ed., pp. 69-73). Munich: Sellier. . Publication link: 46591e4f-73d5-445f-8b3a-a78334d29447
  • Howells, G. (2011). The tobacco challenge: Legal policy and consumer protection. (1 ed.) (Markets and Law). Aldershot: Ashgate Publishing Ltd.. Publication link: 3d17c36f-b198-45ff-9efc-88c7378340ad
  • Howells, G., & Reich, N. (2011). The current limits of European harmonization in consumer contract law. Era-Forum, 2011(12), 39-57. . Publication link: 2ee15448-e8c0-4bdd-a435-324eadb83f4d
  • Howells, G. (2011). Unfair commercial practices future directions. In European Private Law - Current Status and Perspectives|Eur. Private Law - Current Status and Perspect.. (pp. 134-144). Munich: Sellier European Law Publishers GmbH. DOI: 10.1515/9783866539334. Publication link: 29768064-5c91-43f3-9e1e-696ff1011cb2
  • Howells, G., & Skouris, P-C. M. G. S. S. V. (Ed.) (2011). EU Consumer Protection Through Information: The Lessons Behavioural Economics Offers. In Europäisches Recht zwischen Bewährung und Wandel Festschrift für Dieter Scheuing. (pp. 546-554). Bade-Baden: Nomos. . Publication link: 951ceebd-2a82-4910-893e-f5baad92a6c3
  • Howells, G., Beale, H., Schulze, R. (Ed.), & Stuyck, J. (Ed.) (2011). Pre-contractual Duties in the Optional Instrument. In Towards a European Contract Law. (pp. 49-64). Munich: Sellier. . Publication link: 9f08b26e-e2f3-436b-a420-97e43758e979
  • Howells, G. (2011). Cy-près for consumers: Ensuring class action reforms deal with "scattered damages". In Mass Justice: Challenges of Representation and Distribution|Mass Justice: Chall. of Represent. and Distrib.: Challenges of Representation and Distribution. (pp. 58-72). Cheltenham: Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd. . Publication link: afb56139-d9c5-48c7-9738-9987dedc2745
  • Howells, G. (2011). European Contract Law Reform and European Consumer Law – Two Related But Distinct Regimes. European Review of Contract Law, 7(2), 173-194. DOI: 10.1515/ercl.2011.173. Publication link: ec5640f7-066f-46b9-9caf-008c96918a02