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Prof Hillel Steiner - publications

List of publications





  • Vallentyne, P., Steiner, H., & Otsuka, M. (2005). Why left-libertarianism is not incoherent, indeterminate, or irrelevant: A reply to Fried. Philosophy and Public Affairs, 33(2), 201-215. DOI: 10.1111/j.1088-4963.2005.00030.x. Publication link: 0067876d-3e6b-4fec-83fd-a40a41bb1dc0
  • Steiner, H. I., Brighouse, H. (Ed.), & Brock, G. (Ed.) (2005). Territorial Justice and Global Redistribution. In The Political Philosophy of Cosmopolitanism. Cambridge University Press. . Publication link: 2aca1901-9f9a-4e44-9793-c5fa6a079e8e
  • Steiner, H. I., Anker, C. V. D. (Ed.), & Smith, R. (Ed.) (2005). Libertarianism and Human Rights. In The Essentials of Human Rights, (eds.). Hodder Arnold. . Publication link: 53a5d8d8-b0f4-4b4f-b649-39dd5a0abfa6


  • Steiner, H. (2003). Libertarian Stakeholding. In K. Dowding, & S. White (Eds.), The Ethics of Stakeholding. DOI: 10.1057/9780230522916. Publication link: 0cc48d7a-e910-4ad0-9a2a-f39b4b8e02ea
  • Steiner, H., & Wolff, J. (2003). A general framework for resolving disputed land claims. Analysis, 63(279), 188-189. DOI: 10.1093/analys/63.3.188. Publication link: 33d95de2-39e5-4c71-bcb1-0a80a214cca0
  • Steiner, H. I., Meyer, L. (Ed.), Paulson, S. (Ed.), & Pogge, T. (Ed.) (2003). Equality, Incommensurability and Rights. In L. Meyer, S. Paulson, & T. Pogge (Eds.), Rights, Culture and the Law: Themes from the Legal and Political Philosophy of Joseph Raz. Oxford: Oxford University Press. . Publication link: 55a94aca-5f1f-4972-ab14-0e5b57337390
  • Steiner, H. I., Garrard, E. (Ed.), & Scarre, G. (Ed.) (2003). Persons of Lesser Value: Moral Argument and the "Final Solution". In Moral Philosophy and the Holocaust. Ashgate. . Publication link: 86ac4f87-a68a-4581-a237-c757c9c7f521
  • Steiner, H. I., Reeve, A. (Ed.), & Williams, A. (Ed.) (2003). Compatriot Priority and Justice Among Thieves. In Real Libertarianism Assessed: Political Theory after Van Parijs. London & New York: Palgrave. . Publication link: be0b90e5-5fee-4d9e-b550-36ff93471e37


  • Steiner, H. I. (2002). Double-Counting Inequalities. Politics, Philosophy and Economics, 2, 129-134. DOI: 10.1177/1470594X03002001427. Publication link: 9930a9e9-5d8e-46e0-9adf-3fe1fdf8e91d
  • Steiner, H. I. (2002). Self-ownership, begetting, and germline information. In J. Burley, & J. Harris (Eds.), A companion to genethics. (Blackwell companions to philosophy; Vol. 21). Oxford: Blackwell. . Publication link: 75a596cd-6478-4fd3-8837-f6b744fc989f
  • Steiner, H., Smirnova, S. G., Orlova, N. V., Zamulaeva, I. A., & Saenko, A. S. (2002). Mutations at locus of T-cell receptor in persons long time after acute and prolonged irradiation. In Radiatsionnaya Biologiya. Radioekologiya|Radiats Biol Radioekol. (Vol. 42, pp. 624-627). London and New York: Routledge. . Publication link: 6b8f3296-6183-4de7-a53c-3ee3e87ed57a
  • Steiner, H. I. (2002). Calibrating Evil. The Monist, 85, 183-193. DOI: 10.5840/monist200285211. Publication link: 2c2c5569-c1c0-4af3-a427-25c4a7ff5e0c
  • Steiner, H. I., Archard, D. (Ed.), & Macleod, C. (Ed.) (2002). Silver Spoons and Golden Genes: Talent Differentials and Distributive Justice. In The Moral and Political Status of Children. (pp. 183-194). Oxford: Oxford University Press. . Publication link: 1005aecb-733e-499f-83a6-6a31a951c58b
  • Steiner, H. (2002). How equality matters. Social Philosophy and Policy, 19(1), 342-356. DOI: 10.1017/S026505250219114X. Publication link: a3102314-eb3b-4cc4-9182-595688b8489b
  • Steiner, H. (2002). How equality matters. In Social Philosophy and Policy|Soc. Philos. Policy. (Vol. 19, pp. 342-356). Cambridge University Press. . Publication link: a44e57e4-181a-4678-a5b2-4b401d1eabd7
  • Steiner, H. I., Burley, J. (Ed.), Harris, J. (Ed.), & J., . U. (Ed.) (2002). Self-Ownership, Begetting and Germ-Line Information. In Blackwell Companion to Genethics. Oxford & Cambridge, Mass.: Blackwell. . Publication link: c47a81d0-dec8-40c2-b2d4-552aad1451b0
  • Steiner, H. I. (2002). Rights to Trade in Human Body-Parts.  Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy, 5(4), 187-193. . Publication link: eb029ada-261d-4242-9616-30d7d07c64c6


  • Steiner, H. I., & Willekens, H. (Ed.) (2001). Supernatural Powers: Can There be a Right of Bequest? In Contestatie van ons erfrecht. Ghent: Mys & Breesch. . Publication link: 365afd06-f460-4abd-a623-215cda5cbc2c
  • Steiner, H. I., Miller, D. (Ed.), & Hashmi, S. (Ed.) (2001). Hard Borders, Compensation and Classical Liberalism. In Boundaries, Autonomy and Justice: Diverse Ethical Views. Princeton: Princeton University Press. . Publication link: 4d0820cb-6f18-4625-abfd-b63191761de3
  • Steiner, H. I., Airaksinen, T. (Ed.), & Nevalainen, K. (Ed.) (2001). The Ethics of Redistribution. In Acta Philosophica Fennica: Justice, Charity and the Welfare State: Moral and Social Dimensions. (pp. 37-45). Helsinki: Philosophical Society of Finland. . Publication link: 718027cb-27ed-4a31-97d4-ee369c9f0fd6
  • Steiner, H. I. (2001). Freedom and bivalence. In I. Carter, & M. Ricciardi (Eds.), Freedom, Power and Political Morality: Essays for Felix Oppenheim. (1 ed., pp. 57-68). London: Palgrave Macmillan . . Publication link: 4ebd2bc2-2146-4471-bb55-2130af959903
  • Steiner, H. I., Samuelson, P. A. (Ed.), & Vint, J. (Ed.) (2001). ‘Exploitation Takes Time’. In Essays for Ian Steedman. Routledge. . Publication link: 8ba3a69d-a375-4941-a9d6-40ce29057ace
  • Steiner, H. I. (2001). Choice and Circumstance. Rights, Wrongs and Responsibilities. DOI: 10.1111/1467-9329.00046. Publication link: 90bcfb19-dd07-468f-9f99-30ac65ce58ac


  • Steiner, H. I., Dunleavy, P. K. (Ed.), & P. Moran, M. (Ed.) (2000). Liberty and Equality. In British Political Science: Fifty Years of Political Studies. Oxford and Cambridge, Mass: Blackwell. . Publication link: bbce8620-f681-4b8a-b5d3-85b4467b12c9
  • Steiner, P., Vallentyne, . U. (Ed.), & H., . U. (Ed.) (2000). The Origins of Left-Libertarianism: An Anthology of Historical writings. London & New York: Palgrave.. Publication link: 4f14484c-1a28-459b-a5a3-4caa33b7a7c6
  • Steiner, H. I., Passerin D'Entrèves, M. (Ed.), & Vogel, U. (Ed.) (2000). The 'Public-Private' Demarcation. In Public and Private. London: Routledge. . Publication link: 3360b701-734f-44ab-8a89-058b69c25a7d
  • Steiner, P., Vallentyne, . U. (Ed.), & H., . U. (Ed.) (2000). Left-Libertarianism and its Critics: The Contemporary Debate. London & New York: Palgrave.. Publication link: 4cb9b64e-ab8d-4e2a-b1c3-446bfea9e3be


  • Steiner, H. I. (1999). Equalities and Responsibility. Notizie di Politeia, 56. . Publication link: 8eebf43a-23bd-4f89-841b-5d9ef1279ae0
  • Steiner, H. I. (1999). Just Taxation and International Redistribution. Nomos: yearbook of the American Society for Political and Legal Philosophy, 41, 171-191. . Publication link: 65954118-d77e-490f-8e66-5cdff854515b
  • Steiner, H. I., & Burley, J. (Ed.) (1999). Silver Spoons and Golden Genes: Talent Differentials and Distributive Justice. In 1998 Oxford Amnesty Lectures: The Genetic Revolution and Human Rights. Oxford: Oxford University Press. . Publication link: 27e447b4-9864-4c64-89a3-2ef50f56b4b5
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  • Steiner, H. I. (1999). Permissiveness Pilloried. Journal of Political Philosophy, 6. . Publication link: 0986b3ae-3622-4682-bcaa-38105fdaa6a0


  • Steiner, H., Kramer, M., Simmonds, N., & H, I. (1998). A Debate Over Rights: Philosophical Enquiries. Oxford: Oxford University Press.. Publication link: 43783d05-50e4-4b6a-a033-9ab3b9b736ed
  • Steiner, H. I., Parry, G. Q. (Ed.), & A. Steiner, H. (Ed.) (1998). Trading With the Enemy. In The Legal and Moral Aspects of International Trade. London: Routledge. . Publication link: 785f8005-0c66-489a-91a1-f82c34c981d1
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  • Steiner, H. I. (1998). Choice and Circumstance. In Views of Equality. Oxford: Blackwell. . Publication link: abf92334-03e3-4b37-a96a-3c8977c2d313


  • Steiner, H. I., Stern, K. (Ed.), & Walsh, P. (Ed.) (1997). Property and the Body: A Philosophical Perspective. In Property Rights in the Human Body. London: London King's College Centre of Medical Law & Ethics Occasional Papers. . Publication link: 3a897109-2b26-45bb-8f4e-dd2a76dc642b
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  • Steiner, H. I. (1997). Liberty, Rights and Justice: A conversation with Hillel Steiner (interview with Mario Ricciardi). Politics, 17. . Publication link: e52b1319-a79b-4c2b-aa22-332921a3785c



  • Steiner, H. (1995). Persons of lesser values--moral argument and the "final solution".Journal of applied philosophy, 12(2), 129-141. . Publication link: e18a927a-5732-4985-8637-b1b0c67df267



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  • Steiner, H. I., Pennock, J. (Ed.), & Chapman, J. (Ed.) (1980). Slavery, Socialism and Private Property. In Nomos XXII: Property. New York: New York University Press. . Publication link: e18430c7-a268-4748-baf9-71e99302f111


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