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Professor John Harris - research

Research Details

John Harris has directed six major projects for the European Commission. Two of these projects, both under the general title: "AIDS: Ethics, Justice and European Policy" involved 34 groups from 14 countries. These projects were funded at 448,700ECU (approximately £378,000).

From April 1996 to September 1999 the European Commission (DGXII) supported project entitled Communicable Diseases, Lifestyles and Personal Responsibility: Ethics & Policy was funded at 500K ECU (then £416,600).

A major project for the European Commission (Directorate General Research) entitled “EUROSTEM” investigated and monitored ethics and policy issues surrounding the progress of human stem cell research. This award of €747,000.00 funded the project for three years from 2001. From February 2004 “EURECA” began under the European Commission Directorate General for Research (FP6). This project was funded at €700,000.00 and analysed the nature and ethical parameters of scientific research.

In 2009 The Wellcome Trust funded iSEI as one of its Strategic Programmes in Bioethics with John Harris as Director. The funding is worth over £800,000.00 over 5 years.

Total Research funding since 1994 approx £3,000,000.00