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Dr Noel Russell - publications

List of publications



  • Russell, N., Omer, A., Robinson, G. M. (Ed.), & Carson, D. A. (Ed.) (2015). Meeting the Food Security Challenge through Sustainable Intensification. In Handbook on the Globalisation of Agriculture ISBN978 0 85793 983 8. (pp. 125-139). Cheltenham: Edward Elgar. . Publication link: e68a86d2-c05a-43ca-93c0-8e9fb8c9509f



  • Omer, A. A., Pascual, U., & Russell, N. P. (2009). The contribution of biodiversity to modern intensive farming systems. In Agriculture, Biodiversity and Markets: Livelihoods and Agroecology in Comparative Perspective|Agric., Biodivers. and Mark.: Livelihoods and Agroecol. in Comp. Perspect.: Livelihoods and Agroecology in Comaprative Perspective. (pp. 117-130). London: Earthscan. DOI: 10.4324/9781849774376. Publication link: 6e68331f-6fe2-412b-9aff-26fb8e31ec1b
  • Russell, N., Omer, A., Pascual, U., Kontoleon, A. (Ed.), & Smale, M. (Ed.) (2009). Biodiversity Conservation and Productivity in Intensive Agricultural Systems. In Agrobiodiversity and Economic Development. London: Routledge. . Publication link: d945ca46-5955-4af3-8fe7-9c39205448c4


  • Russell, N. (2008). Sustainable Family Farming – A Balance between Economy, Ecology and Commerce. In S. O'Reilly, M. Keane, & P. Enright (Eds.), 16th International Farm Management Congress. International Farm Management Association. . Publication link: c2005ee5-cce5-4b6c-b2f9-0431d734828b



  • Okumu, B. N., Russell, N., Jabbar, M. A., Colman, D., Mohamed Saleem, M. A., & Pender, J. (2004). Economic impacts of technology, population growth and soil erosion at watershed level: The case of the Ginchi in Ethiopia. Journal of Agricultural Economics, 55(3), 503-523. DOI: 10.1111/j.1477-9552.2004.tb00112.x. Publication link: 689b1c31-7fa8-4d01-8335-e6021bacc8b4


  • Okumu, B., Jabbar, M., Colman, D., Russell, N., Barratt, C. P. (Ed.), & F. Aboud, A. (Ed.) (2002). A Bio-economic Model of Integrated Crop-Livestock Farming Systems: The Case of Ginchi Watershed in Ethiopia. In Natural Resources and Management in African Agriculture: Understanding and Improving Current Practices. Oxon: CAB International. . Publication link: d6f4c93a-ba76-4ebd-b469-3aaa70e78545
  • Sen, S., Russell, N., & Ozanne, A. (2002). Broad-based agricultural development versus food self-sufficiency: A general equilibrium analysis in India. Journal of Agricultural Economics, 53(3), 567-588. DOI: 10.1111/j.1477-9552.2002.tb00038.x. Publication link: 77e4d781-992c-4056-a300-612b9ca8e929


  • Farooq, U., Young, T., Russell, N., & Iqbal, M. (2001). The supply response of basmati rice growers in Punjab, Pakistan: Price and non-price determinants. Journal of International Development, 13(2), 227-237. DOI: 10.1002/jid.728. Publication link: d20db065-e568-425a-bde3-58adbae9f7d9


  • Russell, N., Nixson, F. (Ed.), Suvd, B. (Ed.), Luvsandorj, P. (Ed.), & Walters, B. (Ed.) (2000). Environmental Impacts of the Mongolian Economic Transition. In The Mongolian Economy: A Manual of Applied Economics for an Economy in Transition. Edward Elgar. . Publication link: edfb5782-4e3b-408b-9614-fc59bc9fb90a
  • Russell, N., Tseveen, T., Adya, Y., Nixson, F. (Ed.), Suvd, B. (Ed.), Luvsandorj, P. (Ed.), & Walters, B. (Ed.) (2000). The Role of the Livestock and Crop Economy in the Economic Transition of Mongolia. In The Mongolian Economy: A Manual of Applied Economics for an Economy in Transition. Edward Elgar. . Publication link: 8671d888-ca09-4b32-af4c-eddb648bdbef


  • Russell, N., Farooq, U., Young, T., & Iqbal, M. (1999). Allocation of Household Labour Time in the Rice-Wheat Cropping System of the Punjab, Pakistan. Journal of Rural Development, 29(2). . Publication link: 4ea4e1e5-e7c4-4b18-8205-6fb84b4c9abc


  • Fraser, I., McInnes, A., & Russell, N. (1997). The allocation of sugarbeet production contracts: An application of calibrated production equilibrium modelling. Journal of Agricultural Economics, 48(2), 139-150. . Publication link: 0b0c296a-2919-4f3e-9ce5-651e0dc0d761
  • Russell, N., Smith, V., & Goodwin, B. (1997). The Effects of CAP Reform on the Demand for Crop Protection in the UK. In Policy Measures to Control the Impacts from Agricultre of Pesticides - Proceedings and Discussions. Wageningen Agricultural University. . Publication link: b10c5c1a-aa23-4210-a95e-227504d48e34
  • Fraser, I., & Russell, N. (1997). An Economic Analysis of Agri-Environmental Policy in the UK. Economic Issues. . Publication link: d316279c-6ee5-41d1-a9b0-54ab999eab59


  • Roberts, D., Russell, N., Midmore, P. (Ed.), & Harrison-Mayfield, L. (Ed.) (1996). Income Distribution and the Structure of Production: Insights from a SAM-Based Model of UK Agriculture. In Rural Economic Modelling: An Inputp-Output Approach. CAB International. . Publication link: 6001ee77-9509-4915-b44e-137c121893d7