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Prof Rebecca Dobash - publications

List of publications


  • Dobash, R. E., & Dobash, R. (2011). What were they thinking? men who murder an intimate partner. Violence Against Women, 17(1), 111-134. . Publication link: 99e27fac-7c58-4e08-a3f1-39f1d4544677



  • Dobash, R. E., Dobash, R., Medina-Ariza, J., & Cavanagh, K. (2007). Lethal and nonlethal violence against an intimate female partner: Comparing male murderers to nonlethal abusers. Violence Against Women, 13(4), 329-353. DOI: 10.1177/1077801207299204. Publication link: cb34b5f4-e74f-491b-922b-ac32455f2c89
  • Dobash, R., Dobash, R., Gannon, T. A. (Ed.), Ward, T. (Ed.), Beech, A. R. (Ed.), & Fisher, D. (Ed.) (2007). Men who abuse or kill an intimate partner: actions, cognitions and interventions. In Aggressive offenders' cognition: theory, research and practice. John Wiley & Sons . . Publication link: fa929c27-61f0-4428-9e90-8bf32da0b65a
  • Dobash, R., Dobash, R., Cavanagh, K., Smith, D., & Medina-Ariza, J. (2007). Onset of offending and life course among men convicted of murder. Homicide Studies, 11(4), 243-271. DOI: 10.1177/1088767907306850. Publication link: 960c2dbe-4468-4693-a774-77d9dbc77014
  • Cavanagh, K., Dobash, R. E., & Dobash, R. (2007). The murder of children by fathers in the context of child abuse. Child Abuse & Neglect: the international journal , 31(7), 731-746. DOI: 10.1016/j.chiabu.2006.12.016. Publication link: 26eed3e2-2ae7-4dba-9579-75bd0c4112b0


  • Medina-Ariza, J. J., Dobash, R., Dobash, R., & Cavanagh, K. (2006). Onset of offending and Life-course among men convicted of murder. British Journal of Criminology. . Publication link: 848d61de-d3ee-44f3-a0c2-f54de2b8be3b


  • Dobash, R., Dobash, R., Renzetti, C. (Ed.), Begen, R. (Ed.), & Edleson, J. (Ed.) (2005). Wives: the 'appropriate' victims of domestic violence. In Classic Papers on Domestic Violence. New York: Allyn and Bacon. . Publication link: be90d5ca-25fa-4a87-b424-5f7de87e2e80
  • Dobash, R., Dobash, R., Renzetti, C. (Ed.), Bergen, R. (Ed.), & Edleson, J. (Ed.) (2005). Reflections. In Classic Papers on Domestic Violence. New York: Allyn and Bacon. . Publication link: e6271687-dd39-43d6-a380-90969bd06ba1
  • Dobash, R., Dobash, R., Wilson, M., Daly, M., Renzetti, C. (Ed.), & Bergen, R. (Ed.) (2005). The myth of symmetry in marital violence. In Violence Against Women: Readings from Social Problems: Society of Social Problems Presidential Series. Boston: Rowman and Littlefield. . Publication link: ce5eded8-db00-4e60-954f-afcc471ae31e
  • Cavanagh, K., Dobash, R. E., & Dobash, R. (2005). Men who murder children inside and outside the family. British Journal of Social Work, 35(5), 667-688. . Publication link: f52cdada-a06d-439a-b9c8-f58165347fdf
  • Dobash, R., & Dobash, R. (2005). Assessing the impact of court mandated abuser programmes on subsequent violence and controlling behaviour. In Family Violence and Police Reaction: Learning from Research, Policy and Practice in European Countries. London, UK: Ashgate. . Publication link: 40fd968c-ed20-40ad-a22b-bbd945c14b1f
  • Dobash, R., Dobash, R., Cid, J. (Ed.), & Larrauri, E. (Ed.) (2005). Effectividad de los programas penales de tratamiento de maltratadore. In La delincuencia violenta: prevenir, castigar o rehabilitar. Spain: Tirant lo Blanch. . Publication link: 22243e8f-b858-4965-ba71-2b137b058d52
  • Dobash, R., Dobash, R., Smeenk, W. (Ed.), & Malsch, M. (Ed.) (2005). Abuser Programmes and Violence against Women. In Family Violence and Police Reaction: Learning from research, policy and Practice in European Countries. Ashgate. . Publication link: 75a72adf-495e-4ef5-92c7-26087296d1b8




  • Dobash, R., Dobash, R., Smelser, N. J. (Ed.), & Baltes, P. B. (Ed.) (2002). Domestic Violence: A Sociological Approach. In Encyclopedia of Social and Behavioural Sciences, Vol XX. Pergamon Press Ltd.. . Publication link: 26bfbbec-e659-459a-b24f-2245e4e336f3


  • Dobash, R., Dobash, R., Dobash, R. P., Dobash, R. E., & Hollin, C. (Ed.) (2001). Criminal Justice Programmes for Men who Assault their Partners. In Handbook of Offender Assessment and Treatment. Wiley. . Publication link: a5dcaedb-1129-4343-bbd1-79db410f716f
  • Chatzifotiou, S., & Dobash, R. (2001). Seeking informal support: Marital violence against women in Greece. Violence Against Women, 7(9), 1024-1050. DOI: 10.1177/10778010122182884. Publication link: 4969b177-6764-4756-80ab-dd53855c5ef6
  • Dobash, R., & Dobash, R. (2001). Violence Against Women: A Review of recent Anglo-American Research, Journal fur Konflickt und Gewaltforschung, J. of Conflict and violence research. Unknown Journal, 3. . Publication link: 25009445-8208-490b-99c0-b245b0347a67


  • Dobash, R. E., & Dobash, R. (2000). Evaluating criminal justice interventions for domestic violence. Crime and Delinquency, 46(2), 252-270. . Publication link: 46cf99e6-51c1-435b-998d-35264a439bab
  • Dobash, R., Dobash, R., & Hollin, C. (Ed.) (2000). Assessment of treatment of men who assault their partners', in. In Handbook of Offender Assessment and Treatment. New York: John Wiley & Sons . . Publication link: 79ec3fed-260b-493b-a691-2e566b572727
  • Dobash, R., Dobash, R., Lewis, R., & Cavanagh, K. (2000). Changing Violent Men. London and Thousand Oaks: Sage.. Publication link: 8044e0f6-7a50-4f9f-aa9e-96cdb972994c
  • Dobash, R., Dobash, R., Hanmer, J. (Ed.), & Itzin, C. (Ed.) (2000). The Politics and Policies of Responding to Violence Against Women. In Home Truths About Domestic Violence: feminist influences on policy & practice. (pp. 187-204). London & New York: Routledge. . Publication link: 6b7d8cde-f3c5-442d-84fa-fa4d97b8a76a
  • Lewis, R., Dobash, R., Dobash, R., & Cavanagh, K. (2000). Protection, prevention, rehabilitation or justice: Women using the law to challenge domestic violence',International Review of Victimology: Special Edition on Domestic Violence and the Criminal Courts. . Publication link: 51966dfd-1270-4d69-8102-373bdb8ce750


  • Dobash, R., Dobash, R. E., Cavanagh, K., & Lewis, R. (1999). A research evaluation of British programmes for violent men. Journal of Social Policy, 28(2), 205-233. . Publication link: f495d0e4-ce69-4229-9716-eba15262f524


  • Dobash, R., Dobash, R., Schlesinger, P., Weaver, C., Fishman, M. (Ed.), & Cavendish, G. (Ed.) (1998). "Crimewatch UK": Women's Interpretations on Televised Violence. In Real Crime. New York: Aldine de Gruyter, New York. . Publication link: da117e2b-5977-44c3-8dcf-857f9a12a33c
  • Dobash, R., Dobash, R., Cavanagh, K., & Lewis, R. (1998). Separate and Intersecting Realities: A Comparison of Men's and Women's Accounts of Violence Against Women,Violence Against Women: An International and Interdisciplinary Journal, Vol. 4, 4. . Publication link: ba89d704-e72a-4f7d-8da0-465b5a9ab077
  • Dobash, R., Monaghan, L., Dobash, R., Bloor, M., Carlen, P. (Ed.), & Morgan, R. (Ed.) (1998). Bodybuilding, Steroids and Violence: Is there a Connection? in. In Crime Unlimited: Questions for the 21st Century. London: Macmillan. . Publication link: 43b66430-c415-4e6e-bed1-1030dcd1402c
  • Dobash, R., & Dobash, R. (1998). Rethinking Violence Against Women. (SAGE Series on Violence against Women; Vol. 9). Thousand Oaks: Sage.. Publication link: 616e0b4e-a866-41b9-a2b8-eb611e491f6a


  • Dobash, R., & Dobash, R. (1997). Men's Violence and Programmes Focused on Change. Journal of Current Issues in Criminal Justice, Vol. 8, No. 3. . Publication link: b3f135dd-9544-44b1-92cc-b350581b6b3b
  • Dobash, R., & Dobash, R. (1997). A research evaluation of programmes for violent men', in. In Socio-legal Research in the Scottish Courts. Edinburgh: Scottish Office. . Publication link: 44c295ca-4bee-4068-812d-3e7ff3b87c06


  • Dobash, R., & Wasoff*, F. (1996). The Simulated Client: A Research Method for Studying Professionals Working with Clients. Aldershot: Avebury.. Publication link: 93f72f0a-eafc-426a-850d-48f8f373c7a3
  • Dobash, R., Dobash, R., Bloor, M., & Monagham, L. (1996). Body Building, steriods and violence. Criminal Justice Matters,No. 23,. . Publication link: 84b3e080-2e6b-4586-b21e-9a5425c99242
  • Dobash, R., Dobash, R., Cavanagh, K., & Lewis, R. (1996). Research Evaluation of Programmes for Violent Men. Edinburgh: Stationery Office.. Publication link: fb9447a4-8cb9-488a-aaa4-1511807a04e6



  • Duff, A., Marshall, S., Dobash, R., & Dobash, R. (1994). Penal Theory and Penal Practice: Tradition and innovation in criminal justice. (Fulbright Papers 14). Manchester: Manchester University Press.. Publication link: f4607752-c8aa-4dfe-b0f4-175f59ccdbc4


  • Schlesinger, P., Dobash, R., Dobash, R., & Weaver, C. K. (1992). Women Viewing Violence. London: BFI, British Film Institute.. Publication link: ba9262cc-260f-406b-9282-874f99afe59a