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Prof Richard Pattrick - personal details

Contact details

Role: Professor of Earth Sciences..




Research interests
Mineralogy and geochemistry
Research is in the fields of pure and applied mineralogy, geochemistry and metallogenesis. This work has ranged from experimental investigations to field studies. The mineralogical investigations have focussed on the chalcogenides (esp. sulfides) and magnetic oxides, using experimental synthesis combined with spectroscopic analysis, including synchrotron XAS and diffractiontechniques.
The tetrahedrite group minerals were of specific interest. Mineralogical work is now focussed on bio-nano mineralization produced by metal reducing bacteria using XAS, XMCD, SAXS and STXM. New areas of research relate to the geological disposal on radioactive wastes and the associated mineralogical and environmental issues.Metallogeneis research focused on the base- and precious-metal mineralisation of the British Isles and worldwide, especially the mineralogical and genetic studies of mineral deposits, including the determination of their mineral chemistry, fluid chemistry and stable isotopic signatures. Work using noble gases in fluid inclusions in the study of the formation of ancient mineral deposits (porphyry Cu, MVT)provided a novel insight into hydrothermal mineralisation.
Projects areas:
a) tetrahedrite mineral group chemistry and structure
b) XAS studies of metal speciation in sulfidic solutions
c) Metal sorption on sulfides with respect to mineral processing Current
d) Noble gases in mineralising fluids
e) Development of a Xe-Xe geochronometer from tellurides
f) Mineralogy and mineral chemistry of sulfide-rich mineral deposits
g) Metallogenesis in Great Britain
h) L-edge spectroscopy and electronic structure of sulfides
i) Structural development of amorphous sulfides j) XMCD of ferrite spinels andsulfides
j) Toxic metals (especially Se) in the environment
k) Bionanomineralisation of magnetic materials and semi-conductors m) alpha particle damage in mineral structures
l) Geological disposal of nuclear waste
m) STXM imaging of bio-mineral systems


Geology St Andrews BSc 1976; Applied Geology Strathclyde PhD 1980;