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Prof Robert Akid - research

Research interests


Reseach Interests
1. Corrosion-Stress synergy. Corrosion fatigue, stress corrosion cracking, hydrogen embrittlement in extreme environments. 
2. Development of local electrochemical scanning probe techniques for localised corrosion, EAC and Tribo-corrosion.
3. Development of Hybrid functional sol-gel coatings for corrosion-resistant, antifouling and antibacterial surfaces
4. Evaluation of anti-infective and mechanical properties of antibiotic bone cements.






Current Research Topics

1.Modelling corrosion fatigue lifetime.


2.Cellular Automaton Modelling of inter-granular corrosion.


3.Pit-Crack transition modelling based upon local electrochemical 



4.Development of anti-fouling/MIC coatings.


5.Development of anti-infective coatings for medical implants.


6.Crevice and Galvanic corrosion of pipeline materials.


7. Corrosion inhibition in oil & gas environments